May 5, 2013

Stephen Colbert's take on the "Buddy Cup" (funny video)

OK, a little while ago, I posted a piece on here about Budweiser's new "Buddy Cup". Since then, I have seen quite a bit of press on the subject. Not surprisingly, most in the "community" have a hard time looking passed the logo on the cup to see any real applications to this technology  Now, I'm not saying this is anything earth shattering, or the next big thing in beer at all. All I am saying is, this COULD be a useful, or at the very least fun addition to craft beer festivals and other beer events. If you could link this cup to not only Facebook, but maybe Untapped, or some other beer tracking app, I could see this as a pretty useful networking or tracking tool. Sadly, most folks just see the bow tie on the label, and the inevitable "why don't they work on making some good beer instead of some stupid cup" statements  While I agree with that statement for the most part, it doesn't change my thoughts on this particular product. Besides, do any of us actually expect that to happen?

Well, I must say, I think Stephen Colbert of "The Colbert Report" does sum up this line of thinking, far more accurately  and much funnier then most I've heard, give it a listen....(its the second segment of the piece)

Again, look passed the logo on the cup, and try to imagine you carrying around one of these cups (maybe imagine a Beer Advocate logo on it) at the GABF or some other beer festival. I think it could be a great way to network, make friends, and just have a little more fun while there. At least for those of us that still like to have a little fun with our beer....

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  1. You might have already blogged about this, but did you see Miller Lite is now changing their bottles? This is a trend with these big box brands, and some of their ideas are a bit of a stretch. I think this one is clever enough to work. Of course, you are blogging about it, I am reading about it, and taking the time to comment! Whatever it takes to get more people drinking beer!