May 8, 2013

A couple of cool beer websites....

From time to time, I like to share with you some beer websites I've recently discovered, and find interesting enough to share with you. There is no real criteria, just sites, about beer, that could be fun, interesting,  helpful, or all the above. So, here you go, check out some of these cool sites.

1001 Bottles of Beer on Wall
1001 Bottles of Beer - Local beer blog by bloggers Ricky Potts and Sheryl Hugill. I have no idea where they get all their beer, but the seem to try a new one, and review it almost every day. They also review locations and brewery's as well. Cool, local site, and fun to read. I've never met either of them, but I have"chatted" with Ricky on line, discussing an upcoming trade, and I will be meeting him soon.

On a side note, few other good local beer blogs you might find intreasting, Phx Beer NationSuburban Suds and Beertography, and of coarse King James Swann's blog, the east valley beer guru, and all around good guy. So, if you are in the valley of the sun, these are just a few local beer sites for you to check out

Arizona Beer Calendar To sort of ad to the list of above beer blogs, here is a complete list of just about every beer event taking place in the state. By far the most comprehensive list of beer events for Arizona I have seen. Everything from the largest beer festivals, to happy hours and tap take overs to the aforementioned Jame's Swann's Friday Night Beer Class!!

The Beer Soap Company - Yup, just what it sounds like, all natural soap, made with beer, all kinds of beer! From Sam Adams, to trappist brews, to crazy west coast IPA's, tons of soap are available on this site. If you've never smelled beer soap, its actually nice, in an odd way. To me, it has a very natural, almost clean dirt smell to it, if that makes sense, but its quite nice, trust me, and all natural.

Craft Shack An online beer ordering site. A very decent selection! Although, I found this site looking for New Holland's Dragon's Milk (which they don't have), but they do have so much more! Check it out, some fairly hard to find stuff on there.

Two of my favorite things

Women Drinking Beer - Two of my favorite things, on one site! OK, not particularly helpful, or useful, but
none the less entertaining. Its just what it sounds like, a site of nothing but pictures, or woman, enjoying beer. Don't worry, its not a porn site, although some pic's are suggestive, sexy or may contain nudity, some are artsy, and well done, some are just camera phone shots, but a vast majority are just photos, of ladies, doing what we all love to do.

OK, so there you go, a few more websites to keep you busy, when you aren't reading The Beer Czar of coarse. Let me know what you think, and if you visit any of these sites, and can leave comments, tell them you found them via The Beer Czar!

Until next time,
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar


  1. So as not to polarize your female readers, what about the dudes and beer? ;)

  2. Well, to be honest Malia, I've never Googled "Men drinking beer", maybe I will, and get back to you......just for you of coarse...

  3. This is the best I could do for you, Malia, and my other female readers...

    Hope this helps, I need to go take a shower now.....