Oct 29, 2013

Ghost Stories with Becky "Ghost Hunting and History"

Here is one more installment from my good friend Becky, looking at how history plays a part in paranormal research, check this out!

"Ghost Hunting and History"
Wow! What a great response on my last segment. Thank You all for your support
and interest in my stories! I can only hope I can keep up with your expectations as I
sit here trying to figure out what to share next.... How about funeral homes and
Many people think of the “glamor” aspects of investigating the paranormal; having
the experiences, hearing the evidence and getting to visit some really cool places.
However, there is a lot done behind the scenes as well. History plays a HUGE part
in an investigation for many reasons. For one, it lets us know the previous
occupants and experiences of a building. It can answer if any deaths occurred on
property and possibly how. It gives us a tiny window to see what life was like for
generations. If you don't learn the history behind a case then you could be making
things worse instead of better.
grumpy ghost!
Let me take you on a case. A homeowner calls with concerns about her house, she  has been hearing voices of several people in conversation, a grumpy man and also  children. There have also been unexplained knocks, lights being turned on and off, and items being moved around the house. It is an older house built in . Basically – this is the type of information a home owner gives you to upon request of an investigation. Not a whole lot to go on. We do ask questions such as an address,  how long they have lived there, any known deaths, and if they know anything about the history of the property. (For confidentiality purposes I won't be giving you the name or location) . The answers to these questions give us a starting point.

So this residence was built in a field just about ¼ mile from a Meeting House, either
Quaker or Puritan. History could play a huge roll here and you'll see why shortly.
When we first started to look into the house we were under the impression it was
Puritan land. Puritan's were very steadfast and strict in their beliefs. They came to
the new world for that freedom to follow the Bible. They were not open to other
beliefs and in fact, did NOT like people who did Not believe in God.
Our homeowner was mostly concerned with the Grumpy man that she would hear.

This past spring she planted an herb garden unearthing some old metal nails and
fixtures. She was awoken the next night by a very mean voice accusing her of
something. She was very shaken up. It was never described as evil, which is
important, just grumpy and not nice. When we investigated we got several EVP's
(electronic voice phenomenon) with a grumpy male voice saying “Get Out!”
A possible important fact, our homeowner is a practicing Wiccan, also thought of
as a witch. If the information is correct and this is Puritan land, with its meeting
house just ¼ mile away... How do you think any one still lingering is going to take
the news that a “witch” is practicing on their land?
We go home and diligently go over evidence where to our surprise we get a name.
Quaker Meeting House
We continue to dig deeper, this time looking for names of possible Puritan clergy
and continue our research into the property. It is very important to us to be able to
give the homeowners the most truthful explanation we can, not to mention we would
love to validate the name we got. Much to our surprise, we discover it wasn't Puritan
land but Quaker land. This puts a new spin to our theories. Quakers are quite the
opposite of Puritans, they are peaceful people who are tolerant and open to other's
beliefs. They believe in salvation for all. Hmmmmm doesn't really sound like our Grumpy man. So the theory of it being a difference between religions may not be the answer.
Believe it or not, it was the homeowner who seems to have solved the mystery of
Mr. Grumpy. She was talking to her neighbors and learned there was a man named
__________ who lived and died in the house. In life he was a grumpy, stuck in his
ways man and it appears he doesn't want to share his house even in death. The
homeowner sat down one night and had a little chat with him setting up the ground
rules and how they need to share the house now. It has been pretty quiet ever since,
though now she keeps hearing children so we may just be heading back soon!
Will we ever know all the answers? Probably not but at least history points us in
more accurate directions.

Another home we investigated had undergone many changes throughout its time.
Starting out as a farmhouse built by a young couple, to a funeral home, back to a
private residence. (just to name a few) The currant homeowners contacted us as
activity started to pick up during their remodeling of the home. Disembodied
voices, objects moving, objects being thrown, and their grandson playing hide and
seek for hours with an invisible little boy were a few of the reports. The day we were
to investigate, their grandson had no idea we were coming, he gave the toy found in
the wall to his grandfather telling him to give it to us so we can return it to his
“invisible” friend. (I refer to him as invisible but to the grandson he was as solid as
you or I)
We arrived and took a tour of the house finding the hot spots and hearing the accounts of activity. As we were setting up in the room where the toy was found in  the wall, the whole group heard plain as day, “Mama?” a little girl was calling for her
mama. Throughout the evening it was hit or miss, as it often is during investigations.
I can't stress enough how spirits don't perform on command, they were/are people
and if they don't want to come out and talk, they won't. At the very end of our night we were in what is now the master bedroom but at one  time was the viewing room for the funeral home. The air was heavy feeling and we
were doing an EVP session. One of the other investigators, Chris, and I like placing
our flashlights down to see if spirits can turn them on and off on command to
answer questions. It isn't fool proof by any means, vibrations can set them off as
can rolling.
It is a fun tool to use, however, and tonight it was a show stopper. I was
sitting in a chair by the windows (where the bodies would be displayed) with Chris'
flashlight next to me. She was sitting on the bed with my flashlight on the floor at her
feet. We also had a 3rd flashlight that night in the hand of another investigator in a
direct line from mine and Chris'. We started asking questions and discovered it
was Sylvia, the original homeowner's wife with us. What blew us away, was that
whenever I asked a question she would light up my flashlight on the floor, when Chris asked a question she would light up her flashlight next to me. In fact while she was lighting the flashlight next to me, my leg would be pushed out of the way by
what felt kind of like a hoop skirt. It wouldn't matter who asked the question she
would answer using the correct flashlight. Sylvia was able to light up all 3 lights in a
row and then all at once. It was an amazing display of communication between our
world and theirs.

To come around full circle, if we hadn't done our research on this house, we would
never have asked if it was Sylvia, we wouldn't have been able to put her at ease
and the amazing communication through the flashlights wouldn't have happened.
The fact that we put her at ease enough to light up the flashlight in our other
investigators hand is pretty incredible. I know it is an experience he won't forget
anytime soon.
Stay tuned for my last segment on Halloween Night! I have enjoyed sharing my
stories with you all. Please continue to follow on my team's newest site beginning
Halloween, Fallen Angels. A link will be available next week!

Thank you Becky! We will have one more post from Becky before her and her groups blog goes on line. I will keep you all up to date and let you know when it goes live, and provide the link for it!

Thanks again Becky

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

Oct 25, 2013

S.L.I.F. (vol V) Video Edition!

Here we go, we made, without further ado, I present to you, this weeks edition of SLIF!! (video edition!)

Brew your own at O.S.H.O.!!!
Check out ABC 15's visit to OSHO Nano Brewery!

San Tan Video
A few weeks ago, I had the plesure of attedning San Tan's grand opening of their new production facilty. I found this little video about the opening, that has a lot more specifics on the brewery.

New Belgium's Tour de Fat visits Tempe!
And my good friend James Swann was there to bring you the action for his new show "Adventures in Brew"

The Beer Czar intro graphic!
For those of you have haven't seen it yet, well, I plan on doing some short video pieces coming up in the very near future. I figured I needed a nice video intro with music for when I start doing this. So I asked my brother in law Mike who works "in the biz" to see if he could come up withe a little video intro. Well, to say he far exceeded my expectations is a bit of an understatement. I've used it a couple times thus far, but expect to see more of it coming up very soon. Check it out...the song is called "Hooray for Beer" by Bowling for Soup

You can check out our You Tube Channel here....

A short edition, but a good one! Have a great weekend...

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

Oct 23, 2013

Funny video, Triumph Visits The Great American Beer Festival!

Been a little busy this week, but wanted to share a pretty funny video with you. Been a while since I've seen Triumph the Insult Dog, but it seems he made to the GABF. This is pretty funny, check it out....

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

Oct 21, 2013

Odell Beer Dinner at El Palacio!

Many times on this blog you've heard me go on and on about the awesome beer dinners held at El Palacio, Well, I am happy to report, you get to listen to me talk about another one, coming up THIS WEDNESDAY!!! Not much time left, but still plenty of spots available! The time, Chef Anthony's amazing culinary creations will be paired with the amazing brews of Odell Brewing Company out of Fort Collins Colorado. If you have never been to a beer dinner, you need to treat yourself to one. They are a great way to experience new brews, enjoy some great food, and meet new people, that share your love of beer and food.
There are even more reasons to go to a beer dinner at El Palacio. For one, its Mexican food, which is, on its own, just awesome. Two, its $25 people, really, just $25! I can honestly say, I've never been to a 5 (or even 4) course beer dinner for under $35. Most will run you $60 or more. So, its affordable, the food is great (so don't let the price fool you), and the company is more then enjoyable. This is hands down the best value I've seen for a beer dinner.

This dinner will be a 5 course dinner. Here is what you can expect...
Course One - Ceviche Cocktail Shot. Shrimp, citrus, avocado and garden vegetables, paired with Easy Street Wheat

Course Two - Compressed Fruit Salad - seasonal fruit pressure compacted and infused with herbs, seasoning and garnished with a grilled tamale cake, paired with Isolation Ale.

Course Three - Street Taco - a homemade tortilla filled with roasted chicken and garnished with traditional veggies, paired with India Pale Ale (the tacos at El Palacio are AMAZING!)

Course Four - Pancetta Enchilada all Carbonara - An Enchilada stuffed with chorizo, and pancetta and topped with green chili carbonara sauce, paired with Cutthroat Porter

Course Five - S'More Taco - A chocolate tortilla filled with homemade graham cracker ice cream, and topped with a hint of marshmallow cream sauce

Fish Taco with some Mudshark, just awesome!
As if you needed one more reason, Chef Anthony and El Palacio just took Grand Reserve Champion at the Arizona Taco Festival, so yeah, you need to get there. I can almost guarantee you will have a good time, you will have some great food, and you will more then likely learn a little something about food, beer or both.

To learn more about past El Palacio Beer Dinners, check out my reviews here and here...

You can reserve a spot one line here..... (just make your reservation for 2 or more for Wed, 23rd, at 7 pm)
Or you can call them at 480.802.5770

Check out their Facebook page..
Learn more about Odell Brewing on their website here.....

Hope to see you there!!!
If you go, look for me, and introduce yourself, love to meet you!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

Oct 18, 2013

S.L.I.F. vol IV

Once again, we made to Friday! So here is this weeks installment of SLIF!!!

America's Favorite Beer by State!
I've been seeing this making the social media rounds lately. I study done figured out which state like which beer the most. I must say, I am a little encouraged by the result. I would have expect Bud, or Miller to dominate the landscape. This isn't really the case, Sam Adams dominates the North East, and Blue Moon (I know is Miller Coors, and not very "crafty") makes up a good number of state, 18 (by my count) compared to Bud Lights 8 (same number of states as Yuengling).  I think just 5 years ago, this map would have looked VERY different. Check out the infographic below, and click the link for a lot of other states about beer here...
Beer of Choice

Is Beer Good for You????
So what if it isn't right? Do you think it is good for you though, is it unhealthy, how unhealthy is it? What have you heard? What do you know? Test your "Beer and your Health" knowledge with this fun quiz here....
So, beer's to your health!

Beer and Sausage Diet? 
Speaking of beer and health, how about a diet that included nothing but beer and sausage? Think it will work? Well, it does for one local man, Evo Terra. If you've been to a beer festival or some other beer event here int he valley, you've probably at least seen Evo. He's a regular in the valley beer scene, so when I saw this on Fox News, I had to share it with you. Pretty cool, check this out.


Government Shut Down is over!
But I still wanted to share this with you. The Onion doesn't write a lot about beer (one of the few times they did, it was a classic however, check it out here.....). Well, The Onion asked "the people" about the shut down effecting the beer community. The "responses" are pretty entertaining, check them out here....

America is getting a Trappist Brewery.
Check this out! A Trappist Brewery is coming to America!! New England no less, check it out here.....

New Belgium Brewery "Beer Masher"

Its no secret I am a fan of New Belgium. I have sighted Fat Tire as one of the few beers that changed my mind about beer, and showed me what beer could be. That was back when NB was brewing just a handful of beers, some of which, like Fat Tire, is still being brewed to this day. Since then, they have brewed dozens upon dozens of beers. Ever had a NB brew you loved, but haven't been able to find again? Wonder what happened to that beer, do they still even make it? Well, New Belgium have created a sort of user friendly data base that tracks just about every beer they ever brewed (including collaborations) on one easy sight. Click on a beer, and it will give you a bunch of info on that beer. Check it out, its a lot fun. I would love to see more breweries doing this on their sites, pretty awesome, check it out here.....

So there you have it, we made it to another weekend! I hope you all have a great, safe and happy weekend!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

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Oct 17, 2013

SanTan Brewing Company's Grand Opening Celebration!

I was lucky enough, and truly honored to be invited to the Grand Opening Celebration and Ribbon Cutting on San Tan Brewing Company's new production facility in Chandler. The facility is incredibly spacious (about 35,000 sq ft), with plenty of room for future expansion!
Beer Czar chatting with Anthony
Although talking with San Tan co-founder head brewer and owner Anthony Canecchia there are no immediate plans to do so. They will be brewing a bit below max. capacity, ramping up production every year. This facility is fairly remarkable considering it was just about 6 seemingly short years ago San Tan opened their brewery and pub in historic Downtown Chandler. Since then, Anthony and crew have continued to expand and grow, collecting numerous awards and accolades along the way, including a silver medal at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival, a gold medal at the 2012 US Open Beer Championships and 2011 Best Brewery in Arizona, selected by the Phoenix New Times, as well as Small Business of the Year from Chandler Chamber of Commerce.

The event was a lot of fun. I ran into a lot of friends there, including Jon and Brett from Arizona Wilderness, my old friends from That Brewery in Pine, and of coarse the ubiquitous and lovable James Swann! Even managed to make a few news ones. So, check out a few of my pictures from the evening below....

Nice new sign on the outside of the building!

The crowd....

The 50 bl Brew System


Getting tours...

"Hoptomus Prime"

Chandler Mayor Jay Tibshraeny

Anthony and the Mayor

Anthony thanking his crew, here with Chip

Cutting the ribbon!

Jen (from HDE Agency), James Swann and Mrs. Czar!

For a look at the complete photo album, head to The Beer Czar Facebook page (like us while you are there!)

I want to congratulate Anthony, and everyone at San Tan, for all their recent as well as continued success. It's be a lot of fun watching you guys start up, and grow into one of the biggest, most popular (and in my opinion best) breweries in Arizona, and its easy to see why!

Visit SanTan Brewing Company at 8 S. San Marcos Place, Chandler, AZ.
They are open Sunday-Thursday, 11 a.m.- 1 a.m. and Friday-Saturday, 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.
Check out SanTan Brewing Company online here.....

 Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

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Oct 12, 2013

Arizona Beer bringing home some hardware from GABF!!!

As many of you already know, the Great American Beer Festival is going on as we speak, and today was
the day they announced the winners of all the various categories, and Arizona should be proud!

This year, Arizona breweries took home a total of 5 metals! 1 Bronze, 3 Silver, and a Gold!

Here is the list of winners!

Bronze in "Sweet Stout or Cream Stout" - Thunder Canyon Brewery -  Dark Lightning Milk Stout

Silver in "Specialty Beer" - Fate Brewing Co. - Candy Bar Milk Stout
Silver in "American Style Strong Pale Ale" - Four Peaks Brewing Co. - Hop Knot 
Silver in "Scottish Style Ale" Four Peaks Brewing Co. - Kilt Lifter

Gold in "American Style Strong Pale Ale" - Lumberyard Brewing Co - Lumberyard American Pale Ale

Congrats to all the winners! This just ad's to Arizona's already impressive collection of hardware. I am sure we will be adding more and more as the years go on! Awesome day for local beer, congrats everyone!

For the complete list of winners, check out the GABF page here....

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

Want to contribute to The Beer Czar??

Do you love beer, love to write, love to take pictures, or just love to tell stories? We want you to be a guest contributor on The Beer Czar. We've had quite a few so far. They have taken us to breweries, brew pubs, given us tips on throwing a beer themed party, even told us a few ghost stories, but we want more! So, whether it be about your favorite beer bar, brewery, beer, bar tender, beer vacation, whatever it is, and you want to share it with us, please let me know. It can be stories, reviews, slide shows, videos, podcasts, whatever you want to do, get creative, we would love to post whatever it is you come up with! Even if you have another blog, and want to contribute to this one, we'd love it!

If you are interested, please drop us a line at thebeerczar@gmail.com and we would love to arrange a post with you!
Or you can find us on our Facebook page here (like us while you are there!)
Or on Twitter @TheBeerCzar  

Thank you!

Until next time
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The Beer Czar

Oct 11, 2013

S.L.I.F. (Vol. III)

Well, we made it to another weekend (almost), so here without further ado, is this weeks installment of SLIF!

Government Shut down bad for beer???
I try to avoid getting political on this blog, but there are somethings that you just can't ignore, right now, that is the Government (kind of) Shutdown. See, the government is really not totally shut down, they just shut down the things we actually need and enjoy (i.e. National Parks, various licensing agency's) to make it hurt, all while leaving open things THEY use and enjoy (i.e. Congressional Gym, THEIR paychecks etc.) One of the victims of this nonsense is the craft brewing industry. Existing brewery's can't get seasonal label or recipe approval, while brewery's in waiting can't get licencees approved, and can't move forward with their construction or openings. It hit home here in the valley for a brewery (hopefully) coming soon to downtown Phoenix, Mother Bunch Brewing. Check out the story on KPHO 5 here..


What can I do about it?
This is pretty funny!
What can you do about this idiocy? Realistically, very little. We can vote for new members of congress,
president etc, but we all know 90% of these ass clowns are going to get reelect, so what can we do? The answer? Drunk dial them!! It doesn't do much, but its funny, and might make you feel a little better.
Drunk dial a Congressmen here......

Now you want to get away.....
I know, its frustrating, and now you want to get away for a little vacation, with some great beer. Wel here is a list of 10 Luxury Beer Vacations for you to dream about, and if you lucky, book!

10 Pumpkin Beers, with 10 Pumpkin Beer recipes!
OK, I've talked a lot about pumpkin beers, but if you still can't find one, here is a list of a few more, but better yet, it also includes pumpkin beer recipes! (for cooking with pumpkin beers, not for brewing it)

Been a while since we mentioned Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co......
So, here you go, they are getting a PATIO! If you haven't been to AWB yet, lets just say, you need to go. I haven't had anything to eat there yet, but will soon, and their beer is amazing! They are getting well deserved rave reviews, and every week, they are announcing some amazing new beer they are dreaming up (if you don't follow them on Facebook, you should, keep up to date with them, go like them on their page here...)
Anyway, check it out, they are getting a patio, in a few weeks, we will be able to enjoy their beers alfresco!

Great American Beer Festival
For those of you that don't know, the GABF is going on right now. I found a slide show from Draftmag of day one, so check out whats going on up in Denver this weekend, check it out here....

So, here's to another weekend!! What are you drinking this weekend? Whatever it is, remember, drink good beer, with great people (it makes it taste better!)

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends!

The Beer Czar

Oct 8, 2013

Ghost Stories with Becky - "Do Ghosts Drink Beer?"

With Halloween fast approaching, we wanted to give you some more"ghost stories" So my good friend Becky was kind enough to provide us with another installment of "Ghost Stories with Becky"

Check it out! (if you missed the first one, check it out here.....)

Ghost Stories with Becky
Do Ghosts Drink Beer?

As I sit down again on a Sunday night, relaxing with my favorite, Sam Adam's Octoberfest. I am left thinking about my weekend full of friends, football and of course a few drinks. Last night my fellow "Fallen Angels" and I were reminiscing about some of our past investigations (be looking for our new blog coming out October 30th). 
I was reminded of a couple of experiences that oddly enough, tie into this blog's favorite topic.....beer. 
So my question to you is, "Do you think spirits give up their love for favorite foods or drinks just because they are now dead?"

As you contemplate that question let me share a couple of stories with you. But first! I want to take a moment and give a very brief history. Beer, wine, and other various alcoholic spirits have been around for forever! Many celebrations as well as everyday life throughout the years have had Beer and Wine as its primary beverage. They are easy to make and are usually readily available, not to mention healthier than water depending on which century you are in. Think about what happened here in the US during Prohibition?! That didn't go over very well, people found ways around it. As I said, a Brief history, but I can see I have you thinking now. History tells me one thing for certain, "Beer and Wine are very important to societies for a variety of reasons."
With all that in mind I'd like to share with you one of my own family experiences and one that really pushed me into this field. My now husband, and I were dating only two months when I first met his grandparents. He is from a HUGE Irish/Italian family (need I say more about beer and wine here?) and I was quite nervous about meeting everyone all at once for the latest cousin's christening. Everything went well. I only mention this because this was the only time I had met his grandmother. She passed away about 6 months later. Fast forward now to about a year after her death. I was teaching in the school her children went to and was right next to her church and neighborhood in Dorchester. I was near my desk when I started smelling a floral perfume and hearing the name Mary. I start looking around trying to debunk and figure out what is going on. I'm on the second floor and it is a cold bitter March so my widows are all closed tight. I couldn't figure out
what was going on so like any sane person looking to not be insane, I didn't mention it to anyone.
A couple of weeks later the same thing happened right next to my desk, by the way – I rearranged my classroom and my desk was now on the opposite side from where it was the first time this happened. That night I stopped home to change before going to see my "boyfriend" I just wanted to put on a warm cozy sweatshirt. I had two sweatshirts from college, one big, cozy and maroon with dark letters the other not as cozy, white with maroon and black letters. Guess which one I wanted to wear and which one I HAD to wear. It was the craziest feeling because I argued with myself over this. Unfortunately or Fortunately the choice wasn't really mine to make.

I arrive at his house wearing, yup, the white one when his mom opened the door (he lived in the in law apartment at his parent's house I always went to the main door so I could say HI) Long story shortened. His mother had been trying to reach a professor at Franklin Pierce College who taught about the Paranormal. When I showed up wearing my sweatshirt she was thrilled! She showed me a picture she had taken of her father sitting on his couch with a mirror he had brought back from WWII above him. In the mirror was Nana, legally known as Mary holding a glass of her favorite, red wine. Did I mention that this picture was taken only a month or two earlier (a year or so after her death)?

Another tale, (not as long winded) takes place at a home investigation we did. We were looking for Triggers to draw out the spirit who was there and maybe get it to interact.
** I need to interject here by reminding you that ghosts don't appear or perform on command. Sometimes though, you can draw them out using a "trigger object" (something they can relate to). The Angels and I do not believe in provoking or harassing spirits. That is just disrespectful and being a bully.** Someone came up with the idea of Beer. So we left an empty beer can on a table for him, telling him we did so. When we returned later, we found the can under the stairs which were on the other side of the room.

My final tale is aboard the ship the USS Salem. We were investigating her for the first time and as we went along we invited the sailors to the officers Gedunk for a game of poker. We brought for trigger tools, a deck of cards, a pack of cigarettes they would have smoked and a zippo lighter. We then sat around the table and tried to have a "game" It would have been great if we could have brought in a beer or two but they didn't seem to mind playing for cigarettes. We caught a great picture in front of the Admiral's chair, What do you think??

So I leave you again with the question, "Do you think spirits give up their love for favorite foods or drinks or cigarettes just because they are dead?"

Until next time.

Thanks again to Becky, and again, look for details as her own blog for her paranormal group "Fallen Angels" gets up and running, I'll provide all the details here when I get them

Until then, you can follow them on twitter here....

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar 

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Oct 7, 2013

San Tan Brewing's Oktoberfest!

This passed weekend, San Tan Brewing Co. celebrated their 6 year of hosting Oktoberfest! I had a basketball tournament to go to with my oldest daughter, so sadly, I was unable to attend, however, my dad Papa Czar was more then happy to go in my place, and report back to me on the festival.

All I can say is, I am impressed, having not even been there. Why do you say? Well, its a big joke in my family that my dad is prone to "complain" about something's (ok, everything). I was almost nervous to send him for me, as I was expecting a laundry list of things he didn't like, and thought San Tan could do differently in the future. Well, my hat is off to San Tan, and HDE Agency, my dad absolutely LOVED this event. He said it was comfortable, well organized, fun, affordable, festive, and a few other things. His exact words "if you left Oktoberfest hungry, thirsty, unhappy, or not entertained, there is something wrong with you"

So there you have it, straight from Papa Czar's mouth.  He is already looking forward to next year!
So, hat tip to San Tan, and the fine folks at HDE Agency for a very hard to get "Papa Czar Approved" event!

You can see the complete set of pictures of this event on The Beer Czar's Facebook page here (and like us while you are there, if you haven't already, thanks!)

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

Oct 2, 2013

And the Winners are........

Now, lets draw the names of the 4 lucky winners that get a set of tickets to San Tan Brewing's Oktoberfest, coming up this Sat!!

So there you go! Congrats to..
William Hampton
Daniell Lind
JK Richards
Eric Barton

I will be contacting you with all the information you will need to get your tickets!
Congrats, hope to see you there

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar