May 12, 2015

Reasons to have a shower beer....

A while back, I did a post about a recent phenomenon I had discovered, the shower beer (you can see it here). Yes, its a real thing with reedit and Facebook groups dedicated to it, blogs about it, products developed for it, and so on. Well, recently, I was talking to a few folks about it, and they thought it odd, why drink in the shower they said? They looked at showering as a necessary step in the completion of the days activities, a way to avoid offending others with your foul body odor, and nothing more. Well, the shower is one aspect of our day when we are truly alone, (especially those of us with kids), relaxed, comfortable....why shouldn't there be a beer involved? To me, it seems like the perfect place to enjoy one, so, I came up with a number of reason why I think you should enjoy a shower beer. If you have more, by all means, please share them, Also, if you have any shower beer pictures, please, by all mean, send them along, we would love to see them, and share them!

So now, the top reasons why I think everyone should enjoy the occasional shower beer.

1. Its refreshing!

It really is! Be it a nice hot shower on a cold day, or a nice cool shower on a  hot day, it adds comfort to an already very comfortable activity! I did a sort of informal poll on my Facebook page, and just about everyone said the reason they love shower beer "its relaxing". So there, 500+ Facebook fans can't be wrong.....

See how relaxed he is.....
2. Not much relieves the stress of a long day better than a shower beer!

 Again, can you think of much more the will help brush away the stresses of the day, like cracking open a can or bottle of your favorite brew, letting the water massage your body, and just let the stress of the day almost literally wash away. I'm not overstating this, its true! This was the second most popular answer on my Facebook page...


3. Makes a boring, menial, everyday task very enjoyable 

Adding beer to almost any task makes it better, so why not add beer to something so mundane, so routine it is literally part of almost everyone's routine every morning. So, add a little spice to it, add a beer, especially for you folks like me that prefer to shower in the evening.

 4. It can (and should) be shared with a friend or loved one

While any shower can be shared, adding beer to your shower, it almost makes having company required! It just seems me, try it, you'll agree.

5. Its just sexy!

Its a shower, with beer....its sexy! See, you can't even argue with that.....

...had to get a little local love in here!
6. Forces you to slow down a bit

One of the reasons I like shower beers so much, is one of the reasons I love smoking cigars so much. It forces you to take some time, slow down, and just relax, and enjoy some quite time, or time with a loved one, either way, its hard to stress out when you are holding a beer in the shower. Now shower cigars? I may have to try that....

7. Its hygienic!

I mean you are cleaning yourself, while drinking....I can assure you that you have never come out of a bar cleaner then when you went in, have you? This is just not so with a shower beer.

Growlers are also "green".
8. Environmentally friendly!

I have no idea if this is the case or not, but it seems like it belongs on this list. Besides, don't they always say, "save water, shower with a friend, and a beer"? OK, I may have added that last part, but still, one shower, instead of two, seems logical....We're looking at you California!

Even Bon Jovi does it!!
9. It will make your friends jealous, so share it!

Take a picture of you, enjoying a shower beer, and post it on Facebook (it can be PG), I can assure you, it will make more than a few of them very jealous, and may even convince a few of them to try it....(I will warn you, a few of them will think your crazy, but screw them!)

...and drinking while naked is GREAT!
10. Your drinking NAKED!

I mean, unless you've spent significant time at a nudist resort, or maybe Spring Break, or at Mardi Gras, its probably not something many of us have done, and it seems like something most of us would want to try, at least once, so now's your time!

11. It's just FUN!

Do you even need another reason? If there is no other reason at all, if everything you just read doesn't register with you in the slightest, well, this should. Its just fun, plain and simple! What other reason do you need?

There you have it, 11 reasons to drink beer in the shower. I am sure there are many more, do you have any? Let us here your reason, or share your shower beer picture with us, send them to with you reasons, or photos, or both!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends!

The Beer Czar

Cheers from MY shower!

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