Nov 16, 2011

2nd Annual 'Exceptional' Beer and Wine Fund Raiser...

Some of you may know, my wife is a licenced Music Therapist. Not too long ago, she worked for a wonderful company, Seek Arizona. Working with music to promote emotional, cognitive, psychological and physiological functioning in children with various learning and cognitive disabilities. In fact, just this morning I was reading an article regarding Arizona Congresswoman Gabriel Gifford's rehab using Music Therapy as part of recovery from a gunshot wound she suffered to her head back in January. When the economy crashed, funding for her discipline, as well as many others was cut so dramatically, that we were no longer able to absorb all the pay cuts that the music therapist had to take (more then 50% of their pay) and she was forced to seek out other employment, something she really hated to do. Sadly, my wife's story is not unique, and unfortunately all to common in today's economy. Money for music therapy and so many other therapies is seriously lacking, and in need of help. So SEEK Arizona is having is 2nd Annual 'Exception' Beer and Wine tasting this Friday Evening, at the Viewport Golf Resort in East Mesa. This is a very affordable, and even more worth while event that I hope you will take the time to attend. Tickets are just $25 when pre-ordered, and only $30 at the door. To pre-order tickets, please call 480-902-0771, or email Allie here. Or feel free to drop me a line (Email the Beer Czar) and I will be happy to get you any info. I hope to see you there!
Look forward in the near future for my write up on this event!

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  1. I thought of Kristin as I was watching the tv special about Gabby Gifford. Hopefully, the emphasis that was put on Gabby's recovery involving the music will put the need for funding to return!!

  2. Hey Ken--Thanks for your support. I look forward to a wonderful evening with you and Kristin tomorrow night. I'll be bringing an Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic--will you be joining me on the back patio for cigars? --Brian

  3. Brian,
    The plesure is all mine, and yes, by all means, I will be joining you for a smoke on the patio! See you tomorrow night!