Nov 29, 2011

Growing popularity of "Ancient" Beers...

The Washington Post had this interesting read on the growing popularity of "ancient" or historic beers in the beer community. I've had the pleasure of sampling a few of these beers offered from Dogfish Head. Midas Touch is one of my wife's all time favorites. Theobrama is, I feel, the best of their ancient ale's line. Sah'tea is also a solid offering from Sam and the bunch of Dogfish Head.

Sam C hosting a tasting I attended at
Whole Foods in Chandler, Az

                   (click the link to read the story, it will open a new window)

When you take chances like this, and go way out where most other "sane" folks wouldn't dream, then you are going to have flops, and some of these, some people may feel are just that. However, if for every flop, you get a solid gem of a beer, then my hats off to brewers like Sam Calagione for having the passion and drive to give us all something a little more exciting (and historic) to fill our beer glass.

Bottoms up my friends.

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