Jul 23, 2015

Not Your Fathers Root Beer......not mine either.

OK, its everywhere right now. Not Your Fathers Root Beer. A "beer" made to taste like root beer,
 with a 5.9 percent ABV. This stuff seemed to just come out of no where, and is suddenly stacked on the floors of bottle shops, and even on end caps at grocery stores. Its been out for a while, but still, I am having friends, family members and readers ask me if I've had it, for my opinion on it, and why I haven't done a review on it, or talk about on here.......

I've resisted it up till now, mainly because I don't think that this particular brand has any place on my blog. However, since just this morning, I had a couple of messages about it, and a couple people tag me in their picture of it, asking "dude, have you tried this shit, its fucking AWESOME?!?!" (exact quote from one such "tag" I have since removed.....sorry, you know who you are)

This post will be my reply to any inquires I receive about it from here on out. I will try and answer the questions posed to me about this "beer".

Yes, I have tried it.

I did like it, it wasn't bad, but I also like root beer, so it would stand to reason. It is super sweet, and about 6 oz. was all I really enjoyed, the last 6 oz. I kind of choked down. The most common "justification" I get for this stuff is "it makes a great root beer float"! Yes, it does, as does Hires, A&W, Dad's, those brands make it for a fraction of the cost.

Why haven't I done a review on it? Well, first off, if you have paid any attention to this blog, you will know I don't do reviews, even on beer. Not your fathers root beer, in my opinion, is not beer, it's soda, or maybe more accurately, "alco-pop". Bud Light Lime a Rita is more beer then this stuff. I'm not even sure if actually brewed, and quite honestly, I would be surprised to find out that it is. I am assuming it isn't, just like Hires, A&W and all the other brands of Root Beer out there.

You MAY be able to make a flimsy case that its an actual "beer", however, it certainly is not a craft beer. And why is that important? I was trying to explain it, when I saw this article just this morning, that sums it up perfectly, and far better then I could, so check this out here "Not Your Fathers Craft Beer.". This article explains perfectly why if you are one of those people that does care to at least know about who makes your beer, as am I, this is stuff you need to know, and should know.

I'm not saying don't try this stuff, or don't buy it, or don't drink it. Its fun, I get it, it tastes good, and if you can stand the viscous layer of sugary syrup you have to ingest, it might actually get you a little buzzed (if the diabetic shock doesn't get you first). I'm just saying, if you care, inform yourself, know where it comes from, who makes it, and why it matters.

This really goes for ALL beer, not just this one. It is ignorant to claim you only drink craft beer, while sipping a Blue Moon, or Shock Top. That is like telling people you only buy American Cars when you drive a BMW. So, just inform yourself, enjoy what you are drinking, drink what you like, but please KNOW what you are drinking, and why that is important. That is all that I ask, because it does matter, at least it should.

Now please, stop asking me about it!! I tried it, it was ok, I will not drink it again!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar