Nov 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from The Beer Czar

I just wanted to take the time and wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday! Thank you all for your support and readership! I appreciate it all, and yes, I am very thankful for it!

So crack open the beers, enjoy your families, and remember why it is we do what we do.

Have a great day everyone!

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The Beer Czar

If you want to read my piece about the history of beer, and thanksgiving, you can check it out here....

Nov 25, 2013

Save the Date! World of Beer GIlbert is opening its doors.......

A date has been set! So mark Dec 16th off on your calendars (and you may want to request Dec 17th
off of work....just in case) because The World of Beer at San Tan Village in Gilbert AZ will be opening for business!

World of Beer will bring 500 beers, and 60 tap handles, as well as tavern fare, entertainment and other beer centric events to Gilbert. It will also feature "handcrafted cocktails including fun creations like the Hoti Mojito, MargarIPA and Gin N Jam. Each drink is unique to World of Beer and showcases the WOB culture by including craft beer in the cocktails themselves. In keeping with their founding philosophy, World of Beer is partnering with local distilleries to supply the handcrafted spirits to WOB Gilbert."
World of Beer Gilbert hosts happy hour, Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. offering $1 off all draft beers. In addition to the weekly events, World of Beer hosts monthly brewery nights and spotlights, tap takeovers and beer-centric events celebrating the flavors of the season.
WOB Gilbert is planning a week-long grand opening celebration from December 16-22. So, be sure to stay tuned to their Facebook events page for all the details as they are announced: like them on Facebook here.....
I will keep you up to date on announcements and anything else when I get them. This is something all us far east valley folks should be REALLY excited about!
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The Beer Czar

Nov 22, 2013

S.L.I.F. Vol. VI

S.L.I.F. Vol. VI
It's that time again (sorry I missed last weeks edition, things got nutty). We made it to the weekend, so here we go, with out further ado.... this weeks version of Sorry Liver it's Friday!

The Beer Czar on Four Peaks “Brewsletter”!
I was honored to be asked to contribute this month’s segment of Four Peaks “Craft Chat” on their monthly Brewsletter! It was their Thanksgiving edition. Check out the post here, and if you don’t already get it, follow the link to sign up for it!!!


Phoenix Brewers Invitational!!
It’s that time of year again, the Brewers Invitational in downtown Phoenix will take place Dec 7th! I will be writing a lot more about this in the very near future, but wanted to give you a heads up, its only 3 more weeks away! You can check out a list of brewers on their website here….. 


Guy time is good for you!
So, tell your wife, you need some more time with the fellas! There is science to back it up now!!
Check out this piece from the fine folks at Kegworks….

Church of Beer??
OK, there is a church that is having a hard time getting folks in the door, so they turned to what else, BEER!!! Amen to that my brothers and sisters!

Save the Ales…..
A man runs back into his house to save, what else, his beer!


Last but not least…..Oberon in 16 oz cans!!!

Can’t wait to grab a few of these 16 oz cans of Oberon (and Two Hearted) and sit by the pool next summer!!! Yes!!! Look for them just in time for summer!!!



Until next time
Bottoms up my friends!

The Beer Czar

Giving thanks for (and with) beer....

The following post appeared in the Four Peaks Brewing's monthly "Brewsletter". If you don't get the letter, you can sign up for it here.... (go to the very bottom of their home page and enter your email address). I want to thank Four Peaks for the opportunity to share this with you guys....enjoy.
(you can view the entire "brewsletter" by clicking here.....)

Giving thanks for (and with) Beer!

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I thought we could take a minute to give thanks for what else, but beer. Beer and Thanksgiving have gone together since, well, since the very beginnings of the holiday. I am sure most of us fans of beer have been asked by more then one friend, on far more then one occasion "did you know the pilgrims stopped in Plymouth because they were out of beer?"' Common knowledge thanks in part to Jim Koch and his Sam Adams TV commercial a few years back. This is, however, at least in part very true. It was pilgrim William Bradford that wrote in his journal ""We could not now take much time for further search, our victuals being much spent, especially our beer," back in 1620, while anchored off Cape Cod Massachusetts, premature of their planned destination of Virginia. While it may not be the only reason they stopped there, it obviously played a role. Beer was a vital component to sea travel back then. It did not spoil as fast as water did, and it was not nearly as intoxicating as rum was, so it was the preferred means of hydration on board sea going vessels of the day.

So, beer did play a part if where the Pilgrims landed, it also played a part in their every day life there as well. In fact, John Alden, one of the founders of the Plymouth colony, and signer of the Mayflower Compact, was in fact a cooper that made beer barrels. British law at the time required that "whosoever shall carry beer beyond the sea," had to bring along someone who could repair and craft replacement beer barrels.

Plymouth Rock
Once setting foot on dry land by Plymouth Rock, where what is now Plymouth Mass, one of the first priorities for the settlers (aside from simply just staying alive) was to establish a brew house where they could make their beer. Using everything from local native corn to pine needles, whatever they could find to make it, I am sure the Pilgrims first few batches weren't very close to what we've come to enjoy today however (and maybe even worse then my first few attempts at home brew). In the first year, the early settlers were not real successful at much of anything, including making beer. Until, as luck would have it, early in their first spring in the new world, their first contact was made with what was left of the native population of the area (most were killed by small pox, courtesy of earlier explorers and fisherman to the area). It was on March 16, 1621, a native  survivor walked out of the woods and into their settlement, and much to their surprise I am sure, said to them "Welcome, English. I am Samoset. Do you have beer?" (coincidently, Samoset learned to speak English from English fisherman that stopped to fish around the banks of Monhegan Island, off the coast of Maine, an island I use to spend my summers on back in college).

So you see, beer flows deep in the veins of this American tradition. So it makes sense that we should enjoy beer on it, so why wouldn't we, why shouldn't we? Besides, here in Arizona, us beer lovers certainly have a lot to be thankful for. It wasn't long ago, when I remember Four Peaks being a small pub, and pretty much the only local option for those of us looking for finer beer options. Well, now, Four Peaks isn't exactly "small" anymore and there is a rapidly growing beer scene and culture here in the valley, as well as the entire state that we should all be proud of, and especially this time of year, thankful for. Seems hardly a week goes by these days when we aren't hearing about a new brewery opening here, or another brewery expanding there. It's a great time to be a  fan of beer, so lets not take it for granted. Let us raise a local glass, and toast not only to the wonderful brewers and brewery workers bringing us our favorite beers today, let us toast to those early settlers (and brewers) that helped us get it all started, it couldn't have been easy, they deserve it!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

Nov 14, 2013

World of Beer Gilbert is hiring!!!!

Love beer? Need a job, or do you dream of working in the beer industry? World of Beer in Gilbert, slated to open in Dec, is looking for workers! They will be hosting a hiring fair November 15th, 10 am to 2 pm, at their soon to be location in San Tan Village just west of the 202 on Williams Field Rd. For those that aren't familiar with it, the location is up at the front of the complex, facing Williams Field Rd, between AT&T and Chipotle, just down (west) from Kona Grill.

World of Beer Gilbert will bring over 500 beers, and 50 taps, pub grub, live music and other events to the San Tan Village location (less then 2 miles from my house!!!)

They are looking for "hard working, personable people that are passionate about beer and willing to learn the ropes. Must have great customer service skills and be excited to work in a fun environment. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and available to work flexible hours."

You can get the entire press release here....
You can save some time, and download the application here....
For more info on World of Beer, check out their website here....

If you, or someone you know is looking for work, please pass this info along to them.

Good luck!!!!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends!

The Beer Czar

Arizona Beer Week 2014

For those of you looking for info on Arizona Beer Week, 2014, here you go!

This year, Arizona Beer Week will be from Feb 15th through the 22nd. Over 250 event planned across the entire state! So there is something for everyone! Tastings, dinners, festivals, pairing events, tours, if it is related to beer, you'll find in during this epic week! As always, the Arizona Strong Beer Festival will be kicking it all off on Feb 15th, (tickets go on sale Dec 1st)!

For more information, check out these additional sites....

On the official AZ Beer Week Website here.....
Arizona Craft Brewers Guild's website here....
On Facebook, here....
You can even find a countdown clock here.....

I'll keep the info updated the closer the time comes.....I'll be highlighting specific events, and hopefully even reporting from a few of them! Stay tuned!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

Nov 12, 2013

Photo History of D.G Yuengling & Son, Inc.

The books cover
When you ask most fans of beer and its history "what is the oldest brewery in America?" I am sure most could tell you it is none other than the venerable DG Yuengling & Son, of Pottsville PA. Most of them however, could not give you much more information beyond that. When did they start, how have they survived, are they still family owned, what did they do to survive prohibition? All these questions, and many more are answered in the new book by Robert A Musson MD, simply titled "D.G Yuengling & Son, Inc." from Arcadia Publishing, part of their very popular, "Images of America" series, that I am sure you have seen.

David Gottlied Yuengling
The book, while mainly a photo history, is FULL of wonderful facts, tid bits, and information I am sure most of you have never even thought about. Starting from its origins back in in 1829 when David Gottlied Yuengling immigrated from Wuttemburg Germany, to the small coal mining town of Pottsville, and started a small brewery. Some 180 plus years later, the brewery is going strong, in fact, stronger then ever before.

Ad, c. 1900

This book is a walk through the past 180 years of up, downs, adjustments, and changes to the ever changing world of beer here in the United States of America. All the while, being owned, and run by the same family. Now not just the oldest brewery, but the largest family owned brewery in the states, as well.

Employee group photo, c.1860
It is a story that will appeal to both lovers of beer, as well as Americana in general. Its the story of the real America dream come true, as corny as that may sound. It is full of hundreds of photos, from family portraits, to group shots, photos of the town, the facility, and tons of advertising. Its fun to see how the styles have changed so much through the generations, all while maintaining the same basic principle, to bring good beer to the American people.

Yuengling Ice Cream Truck
One thing I always wanted to know was how did the brewery survived prohibition?  It is  always one of the questions I have whenever I hear of a brewery that made it though it. Yuengling made "near beer" (cleverly called Por-Tor), and sodas, much like a lot of them did, but Yuengling survived mainly by turning to ice cream production, and it was actually quite successful, and in fact, they didn't discontinue production of it until 1985.

The famous "lagering caves" behind the brewery,
still part of the brewery tour today
This book made me not only wanting to drink a nice cold Yuengling, it made me want to learn more brewing in America in general, its roots, history, everything from the pilgrims to the current craft beer explosion.

My thanks to the fine folks at Arcadia Publishing for not only bringing this book to my attention, but for allowing me the opportunity to take a look at it, and share my thoughts. I greatly appropriate it, and loved doing so.

The book is available from Arcadia Publishing here.....

Enjoy my friends, if you get a chance to see this book, by all means, please let me know what you think!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

Nov 11, 2013

The Wolfpack rides again!

Over the summer, I was honored to bring to you news of an Epic collaboration of Arizona beer bars ((The Wolfpack Cometh). The Wolfpack Imperial IPA was made under the direction of various beer bar owners, operators and employees at the Sleepy Dog brewing facility in Tempe. Well, yesterday I was lucky enough to sit in on planning session number 2 for the Wolfpack. This go'round, it will be a strong (about 10%) ale, celebrating Arizona and the 5 c's (if you are new to, or not from Arizona, the 5 c's of Arizona are climate, cattle, cotton, copper and citrus). The beer will be brewed using one of all 5 of these c's. The beer will be released on Valentines Day, Feb 14th, 2014, just in time for Arizona Beer Week and the Arizona Strong Beer Festival!!!

Stay tuned for MUCH more information in the coming weeks and months, I will keep you all well informed on this exciting beer!
The Wolfpack

Until Next time
Bottoms up my friends!

The Beer Czar