Oct 8, 2013

Ghost Stories with Becky - "Do Ghosts Drink Beer?"

With Halloween fast approaching, we wanted to give you some more"ghost stories" So my good friend Becky was kind enough to provide us with another installment of "Ghost Stories with Becky"

Check it out! (if you missed the first one, check it out here.....)

Ghost Stories with Becky
Do Ghosts Drink Beer?

As I sit down again on a Sunday night, relaxing with my favorite, Sam Adam's Octoberfest. I am left thinking about my weekend full of friends, football and of course a few drinks. Last night my fellow "Fallen Angels" and I were reminiscing about some of our past investigations (be looking for our new blog coming out October 30th). 
I was reminded of a couple of experiences that oddly enough, tie into this blog's favorite topic.....beer. 
So my question to you is, "Do you think spirits give up their love for favorite foods or drinks just because they are now dead?"

As you contemplate that question let me share a couple of stories with you. But first! I want to take a moment and give a very brief history. Beer, wine, and other various alcoholic spirits have been around for forever! Many celebrations as well as everyday life throughout the years have had Beer and Wine as its primary beverage. They are easy to make and are usually readily available, not to mention healthier than water depending on which century you are in. Think about what happened here in the US during Prohibition?! That didn't go over very well, people found ways around it. As I said, a Brief history, but I can see I have you thinking now. History tells me one thing for certain, "Beer and Wine are very important to societies for a variety of reasons."
With all that in mind I'd like to share with you one of my own family experiences and one that really pushed me into this field. My now husband, and I were dating only two months when I first met his grandparents. He is from a HUGE Irish/Italian family (need I say more about beer and wine here?) and I was quite nervous about meeting everyone all at once for the latest cousin's christening. Everything went well. I only mention this because this was the only time I had met his grandmother. She passed away about 6 months later. Fast forward now to about a year after her death. I was teaching in the school her children went to and was right next to her church and neighborhood in Dorchester. I was near my desk when I started smelling a floral perfume and hearing the name Mary. I start looking around trying to debunk and figure out what is going on. I'm on the second floor and it is a cold bitter March so my widows are all closed tight. I couldn't figure out
what was going on so like any sane person looking to not be insane, I didn't mention it to anyone.
A couple of weeks later the same thing happened right next to my desk, by the way – I rearranged my classroom and my desk was now on the opposite side from where it was the first time this happened. That night I stopped home to change before going to see my "boyfriend" I just wanted to put on a warm cozy sweatshirt. I had two sweatshirts from college, one big, cozy and maroon with dark letters the other not as cozy, white with maroon and black letters. Guess which one I wanted to wear and which one I HAD to wear. It was the craziest feeling because I argued with myself over this. Unfortunately or Fortunately the choice wasn't really mine to make.

I arrive at his house wearing, yup, the white one when his mom opened the door (he lived in the in law apartment at his parent's house I always went to the main door so I could say HI) Long story shortened. His mother had been trying to reach a professor at Franklin Pierce College who taught about the Paranormal. When I showed up wearing my sweatshirt she was thrilled! She showed me a picture she had taken of her father sitting on his couch with a mirror he had brought back from WWII above him. In the mirror was Nana, legally known as Mary holding a glass of her favorite, red wine. Did I mention that this picture was taken only a month or two earlier (a year or so after her death)?

Another tale, (not as long winded) takes place at a home investigation we did. We were looking for Triggers to draw out the spirit who was there and maybe get it to interact.
** I need to interject here by reminding you that ghosts don't appear or perform on command. Sometimes though, you can draw them out using a "trigger object" (something they can relate to). The Angels and I do not believe in provoking or harassing spirits. That is just disrespectful and being a bully.** Someone came up with the idea of Beer. So we left an empty beer can on a table for him, telling him we did so. When we returned later, we found the can under the stairs which were on the other side of the room.

My final tale is aboard the ship the USS Salem. We were investigating her for the first time and as we went along we invited the sailors to the officers Gedunk for a game of poker. We brought for trigger tools, a deck of cards, a pack of cigarettes they would have smoked and a zippo lighter. We then sat around the table and tried to have a "game" It would have been great if we could have brought in a beer or two but they didn't seem to mind playing for cigarettes. We caught a great picture in front of the Admiral's chair, What do you think??

So I leave you again with the question, "Do you think spirits give up their love for favorite foods or drinks or cigarettes just because they are dead?"

Until next time.

Thanks again to Becky, and again, look for details as her own blog for her paranormal group "Fallen Angels" gets up and running, I'll provide all the details here when I get them

Until then, you can follow them on twitter here....

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar 

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