Oct 18, 2013

S.L.I.F. vol IV

Once again, we made to Friday! So here is this weeks installment of SLIF!!!

America's Favorite Beer by State!
I've been seeing this making the social media rounds lately. I study done figured out which state like which beer the most. I must say, I am a little encouraged by the result. I would have expect Bud, or Miller to dominate the landscape. This isn't really the case, Sam Adams dominates the North East, and Blue Moon (I know is Miller Coors, and not very "crafty") makes up a good number of state, 18 (by my count) compared to Bud Lights 8 (same number of states as Yuengling).  I think just 5 years ago, this map would have looked VERY different. Check out the infographic below, and click the link for a lot of other states about beer here...
Beer of Choice

Is Beer Good for You????
So what if it isn't right? Do you think it is good for you though, is it unhealthy, how unhealthy is it? What have you heard? What do you know? Test your "Beer and your Health" knowledge with this fun quiz here....
So, beer's to your health!

Beer and Sausage Diet? 
Speaking of beer and health, how about a diet that included nothing but beer and sausage? Think it will work? Well, it does for one local man, Evo Terra. If you've been to a beer festival or some other beer event here int he valley, you've probably at least seen Evo. He's a regular in the valley beer scene, so when I saw this on Fox News, I had to share it with you. Pretty cool, check this out.


Government Shut Down is over!
But I still wanted to share this with you. The Onion doesn't write a lot about beer (one of the few times they did, it was a classic however, check it out here.....). Well, The Onion asked "the people" about the shut down effecting the beer community. The "responses" are pretty entertaining, check them out here....

America is getting a Trappist Brewery.
Check this out! A Trappist Brewery is coming to America!! New England no less, check it out here.....

New Belgium Brewery "Beer Masher"

Its no secret I am a fan of New Belgium. I have sighted Fat Tire as one of the few beers that changed my mind about beer, and showed me what beer could be. That was back when NB was brewing just a handful of beers, some of which, like Fat Tire, is still being brewed to this day. Since then, they have brewed dozens upon dozens of beers. Ever had a NB brew you loved, but haven't been able to find again? Wonder what happened to that beer, do they still even make it? Well, New Belgium have created a sort of user friendly data base that tracks just about every beer they ever brewed (including collaborations) on one easy sight. Click on a beer, and it will give you a bunch of info on that beer. Check it out, its a lot fun. I would love to see more breweries doing this on their sites, pretty awesome, check it out here.....

So there you have it, we made it to another weekend! I hope you all have a great, safe and happy weekend!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

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