Oct 11, 2013

S.L.I.F. (Vol. III)

Well, we made it to another weekend (almost), so here without further ado, is this weeks installment of SLIF!

Government Shut down bad for beer???
I try to avoid getting political on this blog, but there are somethings that you just can't ignore, right now, that is the Government (kind of) Shutdown. See, the government is really not totally shut down, they just shut down the things we actually need and enjoy (i.e. National Parks, various licensing agency's) to make it hurt, all while leaving open things THEY use and enjoy (i.e. Congressional Gym, THEIR paychecks etc.) One of the victims of this nonsense is the craft brewing industry. Existing brewery's can't get seasonal label or recipe approval, while brewery's in waiting can't get licencees approved, and can't move forward with their construction or openings. It hit home here in the valley for a brewery (hopefully) coming soon to downtown Phoenix, Mother Bunch Brewing. Check out the story on KPHO 5 here..


What can I do about it?
This is pretty funny!
What can you do about this idiocy? Realistically, very little. We can vote for new members of congress,
president etc, but we all know 90% of these ass clowns are going to get reelect, so what can we do? The answer? Drunk dial them!! It doesn't do much, but its funny, and might make you feel a little better.
Drunk dial a Congressmen here......

Now you want to get away.....
I know, its frustrating, and now you want to get away for a little vacation, with some great beer. Wel here is a list of 10 Luxury Beer Vacations for you to dream about, and if you lucky, book!

10 Pumpkin Beers, with 10 Pumpkin Beer recipes!
OK, I've talked a lot about pumpkin beers, but if you still can't find one, here is a list of a few more, but better yet, it also includes pumpkin beer recipes! (for cooking with pumpkin beers, not for brewing it)

Been a while since we mentioned Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co......
So, here you go, they are getting a PATIO! If you haven't been to AWB yet, lets just say, you need to go. I haven't had anything to eat there yet, but will soon, and their beer is amazing! They are getting well deserved rave reviews, and every week, they are announcing some amazing new beer they are dreaming up (if you don't follow them on Facebook, you should, keep up to date with them, go like them on their page here...)
Anyway, check it out, they are getting a patio, in a few weeks, we will be able to enjoy their beers alfresco!

Great American Beer Festival
For those of you that don't know, the GABF is going on right now. I found a slide show from Draftmag of day one, so check out whats going on up in Denver this weekend, check it out here....

So, here's to another weekend!! What are you drinking this weekend? Whatever it is, remember, drink good beer, with great people (it makes it taste better!)

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends!

The Beer Czar

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