May 6, 2013

Send me you summer beer pictures!

In anticipation of my 200th post that will be coming sometime this summer, I wanted to do another "Fan Photo's" post like I did for my 100th post. However, since it will be coming over the summer, I wanted to get photos of you enjoying your beer while also enjoying the great summer weather! So, send me your pool, beach, boating, hiking, bbq'ing, camping, gardening  backyard patio, hammock sitting, your summer vacation or whatever you do to enjoy the warm summer weather, all while enjoying your beer at the same time. Doesn't have to be craft beer, just beer, and your summer activity of choice.

The rules, no rules, whatever you want to send me, all I ask is just make sure you, and a beer are in it. You can include friends, family, pets, whatever. Send as many as you would like as well.

To get me your photos......

Send them to me via email at

Tag me on Facebook on my page here...  (like my page if you haven't already)

Send it to me via twitter at @TheBeerCzar

So, enjoy your beer this summer (responsibly of coarse),  get a  picture of it, and send it my way, I would love to include it in my 200th post!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

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