May 20, 2013

Guest Contributor: "Touring Sam Adams Brewery, Boston, MA"

Bobby, in front of the Brewery
One thing I would like to start doing on a somewhat regular basis here on "The Beer Czar", is posting sort of "guest writer" pieces. I don't get a chance to travel as much as I would like, so I want to start relying on my friends, family, fans, and readers to contribute information on areas and breweries I have yet to have the pleasure of visiting.

For my first "guest contributor" piece, I was lucky enough to get the following from my good friend Bobby. Recently moved from Canada to Arizona to marry our good friend Daniell. Well, it seems Bobby was able to escape married life for a few days for a guys weekend in my favorite city of Boston. He sent me this little piece of his time visiting the Sam Adams Brewery. Enjoy, and thanks Bobby!

Sam Adams Brewery Tour
By Bobby Nadeau

Barrel Room
"My friends and I go on a boys trip every year. This year we ended up in Boston, MA, for what
we called "The Boston Bender". Part of the weekend activities were going to a hockey game,  Game 5 Leafs vs. Bruins at the TD Gardens which was pretty cool. Second was going to the historic Fenway Park to see the Blue Jays vs. Red Sox. But the highlight of the trip was the Sam Adams Brewery tour.

When you first walk into the entrance/waiting area you are greeted by the friendliest staff and given a free ticket for the tour (donation are accepted).
While waiting for the tour to start we walk around
the front lobby which had different barrels of hops that you can taste. Ranging in flavors of burnt coffee to a beautiful summer butter. Once our tour guide arrived we were informed that the brewery was being renovated and that the tour would consist of us going straight to sampling room which got a big roar from the crowd. As you see through my pictures that we were able to see some of the holding tanks and barrel room but didn't get the ins and outs of their functions. After finding a seat in the Sam Adams Bar room we were treated to 3 different kinds of beer in a 7 oz glass which is the maximum they can serve. Our guide Stu who was wearing a name tag with the name Katy Perry which he thought would be funny because his boss told him he had to wear one but didn't specify that he had to have HIS name on it decided to be funny and put Katy
Bobby and Stu (aka Katy Perry)
Perry on it. Our samples consisted of the awesome Boston Lager, Summer Ale and I'm not too sure about the third one because I was too busy trying to refill my 7 oz. glass with the left over beer from the first 2 jugs. After being explaining how things work at the brewery by Stu he told us that the sampling glass was ours to keep which made everyone pretty happy. I was able to purchase a beautiful glass for my friend and connoisseur Ken Morrison which was specifically made for the Sam Adams Boston Lager beer. If anyone has the chance to visit the beautiful city of Boston, it's the cleanest city I've ever visited, and don't forget the "free" Sam Adams tour.
Pretty cool bar!

 Thanks again to Bobby! This is one tour I've been wanting to do for some time, thanks for allowing me to live a little vicariously through you!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends!

The Beer Czar

If you would like more information about the Sam Adams Brewery Tour, you can find it on their website here.....

The brewery is located on 30 Germania St, Boston, MA 02130

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