Apr 29, 2013

The Budweiser Buddy Cup

The Old Way....
OK, I've talked at length on this blog about all the stupid shit Budweiser and the other big breweries have done in hopes of regaining some of their lost market share. Well, every now and then, the millions of dollars spent pays off. I present to you, The Budweiser Buddy Cup! I think this idea actually has the potential of being VERY cool. Each "Buddy Cup" has a chip, and a QR code on it. You scan the QR code to connect your "Buddy Cup" to your Facebook profile. Then, when you are chatting with other folks, and you want to "connect", all you have to do is a little "cheers", clink you cups, you see the little lights "light up" and that means you are now friends via social media.

Check this out....

To me, this is a nice blend of "social" media, and actually BEING social. I think this sort of technology can
The New Way!
go far, and have a lot of great applications in the craft beer community. Think about this at Beer Festivals? Instantly connecting with other beer lovers, or brewers, beer buyers, or yes, even bloggers! I am sure, at this point, the cost would prohibit smaller, or even the average of larger sized breweries from adopting this sort of tech, but give it a few years, the cost will come down, and the usable applications will increase.

OK, so, every now and then, Budweiser gets it right, and this, I think has some awesome potential, lets hope I am right. I guess however, at this point, we will just have to wait and see.

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