Apr 28, 2013

Beer Pong Arcade Game!

The Beer Pong Master
OK, I admit, I am not a big fan of drinking games. Sure, in college we would spend all night playing "Asshole" or "Quarters", or whatever, but since then, well, I guess I just like drinking at my own pace. Beside, my sole purpose in drinking these days isn't to get hammered, or get those around me hammered, I drink for different reasons now. That being said, I don't have anything against them, and occasionally, I will partake in a friendly, low stress game of beer pong, or what have you.

Well, then, I saw this little video, and though, well, I guess I need to finally mention beer pong on this blog (not sure I have before....). Check it out....ladies and gentleman, The Beer Pong Master!

Now, this machine doesn't actually dispense beer, however, I am sure, if you had this gem in your bar, or restaurant  or on your back patio, it would be easy enough to include your favorite brew into the game. Look at this more as just the facilitator of the game, and your host can be the bartender.

Made by the good people at Bay Tek Games, folks more familiar with Chuck E Cheese style games then drinking games, this machine is currently set for distribution, just waiting for some brave takers on it! Bay Tek games also makes Beer Ball, what looks to be a combo of beer pong, and good old fashion Skee ball.

There are still a lot of reasons to play the old way!
Do I think this will this take the place of your classic back yard beer pong, I am sure it will not, I sure hope it doesn't. This just  gives you one more way to play some beer pong while out with your friends, and another revenue stream for bar owners. Or an awesome addition to your man cave, rec room or back patio.

Until Next Time
Bottoms Up my friends!

The Beer Czar

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