Aug 5, 2013

Friends and Fan Photos "Summer Beer Pic's"!!!! (might be considered NSFW....;-)

Well, summer is in its final weeks (at least for most of the country anyway....), so we can think of no more perfect time to post the summer beer pictures we've been collecting all summer!

What follows is a collection of photos I've received from some family, friends, and fans all summer. Some of them I know very well, some I went to high school, or college with, some, I've never met, but read this blog and wanted to send in a photo to participate. So, please, enjoy, and if you have any great summer beer photos, by all means, you can still send them in ( to us, and we would be more then happy to add them to this post. (if you sent me one, and I forgot to post it, please let me know, and I will add it immediately)
So, sit back, open a can or bottle of your favorite summer beer, and enjoy a look back at the summer that has passed...

What a great way to start this post! Sent in from reader "Mike", taken of his girlfriend while on vacation in "the islands" in June.A near perfect photo if you ask me!

The Beer Czar, with my good friend Bobby, at the Wolfpack Imperial IPA Release party at The Watering Hole at Whole Foods in Chandler. Fine, fine beer!

Here I am, the beer Czar, enjoying a San Tan Hefeweizen while camping at Lo Lo Mai Springs outside of Sedona.

Here I am, again, with one of my favorite, flavorless poolside beers, a Landshark Lager, at my folks pool in Chandler, AZ.

This one, sent in from reader, Amber. This was taken in her pool, in her back yard, somewhere in Florida.

My friend Brad, enjoying a local favorite, while out on a date night with his lovely wife at AZ 88. 

My friend Brad, discovered a new favorite Italian brew, while on a family vacation in California.

This was sent to me, by a reader that wished to remain nameless, in Michigan. Getting some sun, and having a bud in the back yard.

My good friend and co-worker Chris sent me a pic of his favorite summer time activity, brewing! This is a pic of his system, brewing up a Peach Smash, made with Chinook and Maris Otter malts, then added peaches during 2nd fermentation for 5 day. Can't wait to try it!

Our good friend, the lovely Daniell, enjoying a Papago Orange Blossom, at Old Chicago

OK, the same friend that sent me a VERY similar picture of his girlfriend for the last fan photos page, took another one, this time, he said it was a "summer version" of the same photo. Nice pic!

This is from an old college friend Jackie, enjoying one of her favorites, while boating on the Chesapeake Bay! 

A former co-worker, and friend Janna, enjoying a beer, while at a Florida Georgia line concert here in Arizona

This is from my good friend Kayla (she is the taller blonde in the middle) enjoying a few beers and a baccalaureate party while at Tao Pool at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

OK, here is one for the ladies. The girls of the baccalaureate party, spending a little time with a Chippendale Dancer! That is my friend Kalya all the way on the left. 

Here is Kayla, on her own, enjoying a cold (free) beer! 

This one from my high school friend, Kelly, she sent me this one of not only a favorite beer of her's, but of a favorite sports team we share!

Facebook friend Mia, enjoying a Summer Shandy at the marina at Lake Pleasant, in the west valley

This is Mia husband Chris, enjoying his time at the lake as well. Not sure if it was when the picture was taken, but this picture was posted at 8 am! That is living the good life!

Mrs Beer Czar, looking good, and enjoying a Landshark at my parents pool in Chandler, Az

Here is Mrs Czar, my good friend Bobby, his wife Daniell, and myself, enjoying a few beers, and cooling off after the 1st Annual Beer Tasting and Pool Party!

High school friend Pete, sent my this one, of an island classic while on vacation in the Bahamas, yeah, I'm jealous of this one!

My good friend from high school, Jayme, enjoying a fine IPA, in sucsession no less, before, during, and after! (I am told, a few photos later, she was dancing on the coffee table wearing a grass skirt, with a lamp shade on her head, sadly, I was not sent a photo....;-)

My good friends, and college drinking buddies, looking, and acting much the same as they did in our time at Franklin Pierce College (yes, College, not University!!)

This one came to me from a reader in Canada, that wished to remain nameless. This was taken this passed July, of his wife, while they were on their honeymoon, "south of the border", which, I guess means, they were anywhere from Mexico, to Argentina, but I am lead to believe this was somewhere in Mexico. Great photo...not sure what kind of beer she is drinking, but I love the outfit...

My good friend Shelli, and her brothers, enjoying an El Presidente in the Dominican Republic last summer

This is Shelli's frosty Presidente! 

An unnamed fan, enjoying her favorite beer poolside, in Arizona (to each their own, this post is about having summer fun with beer, its not about the beer, so please, no nasty natty comments please!)

Not to many ways better then this to enjoy your favorite brew in Ohio! (no name on this one, but the beer is San Adams Summer, in a cup)

Fan Todd, in Mass, sent in this pic of his girlfriend, enjoying the last "official" weekend of summer with one of their favorites!

I want to thank everyone that sent in a photo, and participated in this, and had a little fun with it. We appreciate all your readership, and support. Here is to many many more summer's with your favorite beer!
Enjoy the rest of it, drink up, but drink responsibly, and stay safe!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

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