Aug 25, 2013

Beer is flowing in the Wilderness!!!

Tap Handles
Estralla Pale
Last night, I was lucky enough to stop by Arizona Wilderness Brewing,
as they opened their doors to the public for the very first time! After what seemed like years (just to me, I can't imagine how long it must have felt for Jonathan, and his crew!) I was able to walk into their pub, and order up a pint of beer, brewed right here in my adopted hometown of Gilbert Arizona! It was a sort of "soft" opening, with 3 of their beers on tap. Their Little Guy Rye, which I had, and was refreshing, very enjoyable, and very drinkable. My wife had their Sedona Secret Red, and I got a taster of their Estralla Pale Ale, a smooth, insanely drinkable session pale, that goes down smooth and easy, even after several, I can imagine.

My first AWB!

They were opened from 3-9, but my wife and I didn't get there till about 8:30, but it was still a virtual who's who of the valley beer scene, and what I was told, we missed most of the crowd! James and Andrew from The Perch were there (pretty much all day from what I was told) Ian from Ground Control, even ran into Anthony from San Tan, all their offering up there support, and well wishes for the guys at Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.
Its been a long time coming for these guys. They dealt with set backs, and road blocks all along the way, but thanks to their passion and persistence (and maybe even some stubbornness) they plowed forward, and managed to finally get their doors opened last night.

If you are in the area of Arizona Ave and Guadalupe (yes, that is Gilbert!) check them out on the SE
Corner (behind the bagel shop). You would be hard pressed to find a nicer bunch of guys pouring beer in the valley. They brew up some great beers, and have an awesome, comfortable place to sit and enjoy them. So, please, stop by, introduce yourself, I guarantee you, you will want to come back, again and again.

They will be having a Grand Opening Celebration coming up next week, Labor Day, Sept 2nd. They will have a few more beers on tap as well!! The party starts at 11, and ends when they kick you out!

So please, join me, in giving Jonathon, Brett, Patrick
and the rest of the bunch at Arizona Wilderness a heart felt congratulations on all their hard word, and on their dream coming to fruition. Its well worth the stop, trust me!

Congrats guys, you've certainly earned it!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

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