Aug 2, 2013

Big News from King James......

Cheers to you James!
Well, if you haven't heard by now, my friend James Swann, the east valley's Beer Guru, and Brew Bro's most "Beer-fluential" person in Arizona, has made a major announcement this morning.

The bad news, he is leaving his post as head beer guy at the much loved, very popular Watering Hole, inside Whole Foods in Chandler (much of its popularity, I would rest squarely on Jame's shoulders). The good news, he is leaving to open his very own craft beer bar and nano brewery!

I've been telling Mrs Czar for a while now "I can't wait for James to open his own place!", not knowing if he really had any plans to do so, just assuming he did.

James knowledge of beer is impressive, and his passion for it is infectious. Few people in Arizona have done as much as James to promote, and push the growth and maturity of the Copper State's beer community, and for that, I think we all owe Mr James a debt of gratitude.

James is keeping the details of his latest venture under wraps, although I did see on story that said it should be opened "this fall", and will be located somewhere in Chandler. He will release more details in a week or so, and rest assured, as soon as I find out more info, I will be passing it along.

Like James doesn't have enough on his plate already, he is also starting a new TV Show "Adventures in Brew", I've heard James call it a sort of a Top Gear style show, but replace the cars, with beers. I don't have any dates as to when it will air, or on what channel/network at this time, but I am working on it. In the mean time, check out his first promo video .....

This is all very exciting news, not just for James, but for all of us that benefit from his passion and enthusiasm for beer, especially local beer. Lets all wish James the best of luck, and do our best to support him in these projects. He has earned our respect, and deserves our support.

Cheer's to you James!

The Beer Czar

You can follow James on his own blog at

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