Sep 11, 2012

A beer milk shake!

It certianly looks good!
I was on a website that I frequent this morning, called The Beer in Me when I saw this little gem of a story about the restaurant chain Red Robin, and their new beer milk shake! Check out article here...

This sounds interesting. I've had "beer floats" before, so I know beer and ice cream go surprisingly well together. However, normally they are made with stouts, like Guinness or Young's Double Chocolate Stout. So I will be interested to see how this one tastes, as it uses Sam Adams Octoberfest.

I do love the line in the article "now our customers don't have to choose between a beer or a shake to go with their burger" Is there anyone out there that struggles with this decision???

If anyone out there has a chance to try this, please let me know what you think of it.

Bottoms up my friends
The Beer Czar

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  1. Beir Czar,

    For my birthday yesterday, I went to Red Robin to get theeir Octoberfest Burger and the Octoberfest milkshake. One word - WOW! The combination of the Sam Adams Octoberfest with the Vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle really added up to a very good drink. Nothing overpowered the flavors, they all worked well together. I would recommend that if you get the chance to have one of these floats. do it! Greg Ciesielski - Havelock NC