Sep 16, 2012

How Booze Built America.....on Discovery!

Just read some great news! Mike Rowe, star of Discovery Channels "Dirty Jobs" is trading in his poop covered overalls to relax, and sit in a bar, all in the name of education. Discovery will air "How Booze Built America", starting on Sept. 19th, 10pm EST. The show will explore the history of booze in America, from the Pilgrims to Cowboys, mega brewers and distillers, to back yard home brewers, and everything in between. Sounds like it may be a more grown up, serious version of Zane Lamprey's "Drinking Made Easy" (which is a fun show, with good info, but has a more "fratboy-ish" sort of feel to it).
This should be a fun show. After all the "crap" Discovery has put Mike Rowe through, he deserves a job like this one! Check it out!

Bottoms up my Friends!
The Beer Czar

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