Sep 4, 2012

Send me your beer photos!

OK, I wanted to get a post together, a sort of "Beer Czar Fan Photo" post. So I want to ask you all a favor. Please send me a picture of you, with your favorite beer, or your favorite picture of you drinking a beer. There are no rules, whatever you would like, please send, I just ask that you, and a beer are in the picture. It can be funny, silly sexy, artsy, group, portrait, black and white, color, even those annoying, vintage looking pic's from instragram!

I am working on getting some stuff together to send you as a thank you for sending me your pictures!

Send your pictures to me, via

Here are a couple of my favorite pic's of me and beer

Me, drinking a Green Flash Barelywine
You've all seen this before....
Thank you for all your support!

The Beer Czar

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