Jul 18, 2014

Making of Maskerpiece Porter

Recently I had the pleasure of taking part in a fun project that Masked Blogster and I came up with a while back. We decided that we wanted to brew a beer and record the process for an episode of the Masked Blogster's Maskerpiece Theatre
Chatting about our brew day
We decided we wanted to brew a porter (one of Blogster and I'd favorite beer styles). As we got talking, we decided we wanted to ad a little flavor to it, so we decided on a coffee chocolate vanilla porter, and we dubbed it "Maskerpiece Porter".
So, I contacted my friend "Braumeister Chris" and asked him if he could come up with a recipe for what we were looking to do, and he was happy to oblige!

So, one afternoon, we gathered in my garage, and set up Braumeister's brewing equipment, put plenty
of beer on ice, and spent the morning/afternoon brewing up a beer, drinking some beer, and recording the process as we went.
After a few weeks of fermentation, we again gathered together, this time in the official Maskerpiece Theatre studios, to sample the beer, and as always, chat about our thoughts on the beer, which, came out fantastic!

So, you can listen to the brewing, and tasting of Maskerpiece Porter,
you can check out the podcast here.....

You can check out a full set of photos from the entire event, check out our photo album on our Facebook page here.....

So, check it out, it was a lot of fun, and we are planning on doing it again sometime very soon!
I think we may try and Imperial version of Maskerpiece Porter!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

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