Jul 25, 2013

The Wolfpack Cometh......

The Group...
Aug 1st is almost here. What does that mean? Its National IPA Day, but more importantly, its the
date of the release of a truly remarkable collaboration brew from almost all the valley beer bars!
A while back, a group of valley beer bars met to discuss the brewing of a special beer. It was decided they would brew a double IPA, with Agave nectar. Since its an IPA, they decided to release it on National IPA. The beer will be fairly light in color, and somewhat high in IBU's (about 75 to 80). To reflect the collaborative effort, and as a nod to support Sleepy Dog Brewing has given to the project (they were the ones that brewed it) they decided to call it "Wolfpack Double IPA".
A few weeks after their initial meeting, the group met at Sleepy Dog's brewing facility in Tempe to take part in the creation of the beer.
This is a REAL collaboration. Members of the group took part in all aspects of this beer, from coming up with the recipe, to brewing it, and come next week, the tapping of it!
7pm sharp, Aug 1st get yourself to one of the following beer bars for a glass or two of this beer;

Adding the Agave
Hungry Monk
Spokes on Southern
World of Beer, Tempe
Ground Control
Boulders on Broadway
Lucky Break
Fox Cigar Bar
Sleepy Dog (both Gilbert and Tampe locations)
Watering Hole, Whole Foods Chandler

So, you have plenty of options, and no excuses to not have this beer! Head out to one of these bars, and toast the Wolfpack, and celebrate our growing, wonderful craft beer community here in Arizona!

I hope to see you there!!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends!

The Beer Czar

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