Jul 9, 2013

"HEROS 19".....A Tribute

Just over a week ago, Arizona, and this country, suffered a great loss. The small town of Yarnell was suddenly trust into the nations spot light, when we got news of the loss of 19 fire fighters that were fighting to protect the town from a wildfire. The 19 men, were part of the Granite Mountain Hotshots crew, out of Prescott, Arizona. This is a loss felt all over the country, especially here in Arizona, and most greatly in the towns around Prescott, where these men were such a large part of community.
Now, as they so often does, the Arizona beer community is pulling together to do what it can to help the families of those brave men. The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild is organizing the brewing of a commemorative beer, to be named "HEROS 19". All ingredients, including 19 verities of hops,  have been donating by members of the Guild. The beer will be an American Brown Ale. It will be a one time only, 60 bbl batch, containing 19 verities of hops. The beer will be brewed at Prescott Brewing Company's facility in Prescott.

The beer should be available in a few weeks at all Guild member facilities. For a complete list of members, you can find it here. I will post more specific info as I get it, so check back.
They hope to raise at least $70k in this effort, so lets do what we can to make sure that hit that mark, and then some.

For more info, you can read an interview John from Prescott Brewing Company did with KTAR here. 

Again, I will be posting more information as I get it. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions at all, and I will make sure I get some answers for you.

If you want to volunteer, give more, or other ways to help, you can go to Yarnell fallen fire fighters.

The Beer Czar


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