Jul 8, 2013

The latest music/beer collaberation....

One thing I love as much as beer, is music. I grew up listening to a wide range of music, playing guitar,
jamming on the back porch and playing in bands. Beer and music go hand it hand, like beer and baseball. One compliments the other quite well. That is why I love it when bands or musician team up with brewery's to produce a beer. Acts like ACDC, Kid Rock, Iron Maiden and more have all released beer as of late.The latest, I wrote about here in fact, was the old Hanson brothers band from the 80's that produced "MmmHop" with Oklahoma brewery Mustang Brewing. 
Well, that latest one I am both excited about, and disappointed. Excited because it is currently one of my favorite bands releasing a beer, Mumford and Sons! Sad, because it is only being produced for Lewes Music Festival in England, and will produce less then 1000 pints for the brew. The beer, named Lewes Stopover Brew, clocks in at a light 4% abv, and is being brewed at Bridge Wharf Brewery in England. 

OK, so there is little to absolutely no chance of me or you getting a taste of this beer, but still, love to see too of my favorite things coming together. 

So, lets raise a pint, and crank some Mumford and Sons!! I look forward to more collaborations like this, preferably ones a little closer to home, that are a little easier to get my hands on!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

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