Mar 5, 2013

Are Larger Bottles really a problem?

I came across this story on Facebook this morning, take a look at it, then I'll give you my opinion...

Are larger bottles a problem?

OK, so, let me just ask this? Is this really a problem? For one, beer is a social drink. I don't think I have ever opened a bomber by myself. If I want to drink alone, there are plenty of great beers out there in 12 oz cans or bottles. Two, even if I did want a bomber on my own, it is only 2 beers (2 11 oz beers at that). Unless you are drinking a crazy high ABV beer, 2 beers is pretty manageable for most "beer people" I would hope/ think.

Sam Caligione, founder Dogfish Head Brewery
The thing that strikes me is, the two completely different directions the beer world seems to be taking. One, the Sam Calagiones of the world, feel the future is in higher end, larger format bottles. While the other side, is rushing to fill the craft can market. The two lines of thought, would seem in direct opposition to one another.

I find this interesting, I don't think it means trouble, or that its a problem or anything, just interesting. I think its like the DH or no DH argument in baseball. The two can live quite well harmony, it just seems to be a matter of who your home team is that determines weather or not you like the rule. I guess with beer, it just depends on what your "home town" brewery is that may determine how you feel about beer in cans, or bombers.

What are your thoughts????

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The Beer Czar

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  1. I like it either way. Sometimes I like the bombers, but I am usually sharing it with someone. Though I completely agree with you that it really just matters what is in the bottle.