Mar 13, 2013

San Tan Expansion Photos!

I just ran across this brief slide show from the Phoenix Business Journal's blog. Its shows a series of photos from the on going expansion of San Tan Brewery at their new production facility near Warner Rd and Arizona Ave in Chandler. Check it out, its pretty impressive. This is what it looks like when a brewery triples its output capability!

Can't wait to check it out myself! 

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The Beer Czar


  1. I didn't realize they were expanding. Four Peaks just did, and I hope it doesn't affect their quality of production. SanTan is good, but nothing from them has really blown me away. Do you know if they are expanding distribution outside of Arizona?

  2. That is their ultimate goal, they aren't yet, but plan on it. I am not sure if the production facility is on line yet or not, if it isn't, it will be VERY soon.