Dec 19, 2012

Yet one more gift idea for beer lovers!

OK, so it may be too late to get these in time to have them under the tree, but hey, beer lovers still have birthdays, right? Check out these awesome, hand crafted beer glasses by Matthew Cummings, from Louisville KY. These glasses are quite unique, and quite beautiful! I love the name of his company too "Pretentious Beer Glasses". Hey, people label us "beer snobs" as pretentious anyway, I like that he beat them to the punch, and called his own work "pretentious". Love it! So, if you want to stand out, and look arrogant, and snobbish, and feel and look great doing it, I suggest getting a set of these glasses! OK, so they are a little on the expensive side, but isn't your beer geek loved one worth every penny??
In all seriousness, I really think these glasses are very elegant, and classy, and really think you should take a look at them. Pretty cool, nice work Matthew!

You can check out Matthews Etsy page here....

The full set, $180! Beautiful glasses!

The Aromatic Glass

The "duel" Beer Glass, this is my favorite!

My second favorite, the Subtle Beer Glass

The Hoppy Beer Glass

I hope you'll be seeing me drinking out of one of these very soon!
Until next time my friends
Bottoms up
The Beer Czar

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