Dec 12, 2012

New Video from Sierra Nevada

OK, Sierra Nevada has long been one of my favorite brewery's. They consistently release quality beers, year after year, at a great price, and its widely available, easy to find. They have an impressive, and ever growing line up of fine brews. My love of Sierra Nevada started with their Pale Ale, and later, moved on to Tumbler, their brown ale, then their Porter, and later, one of my all time favorite beers, Bigfoot (of which I have 5 six packs from the last 5 years waiting patiently in my cellar, well, closest). Most recently, I've been digging on their Narwhal, and I still even have a bottle of Ken and Fritz's 30th Anniversary Stout, one of my all time favorite stouts! Again, the fine folks at Sierra Nevada are always impressing me.

Just this evening, I stumbled upon this video about their humble beginnings and subsequent rise to the forefront of the American craft beer movement. Check out this video, if this doesn't make you love Sierra Nevada even more, well, then, I am not sure what will.

I might also ad, I think Sierra Nevada also has some of the best, classiest label art in the beer world! From the playful Bigfoot label, to the elegance of their "Ruthless Rye" and now their Narwhal label. I just love their labels. OK, so, enough of the Sierra Nevada love feast, I just thought this was a pretty cool, very well done video, and wanted to share it with everyone.

So, raise a glass of Bigfoot, or Narwhal, or Pale Ale, and enjoy the fruits of Ken Groomsman's dedication and passion for beer, we've all benefited from it.

Until next time by friends
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The Beer Czar

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