Dec 10, 2012

One more gift idea for the beer lover.......

This passed weekend, my wife and I had the pleasure of attending the Inaugural Phoenix Brewers Invitational Beer Festival. While I plan on writing a little more about this event very soon, I wanted to take a moment to let you know about a GREAT gift idea for the beer lover in your life, and one that should be added to my list of ideas I wrote about a few weeks ago, before I was aware of this company.

The company is called "Crafted Brewed Clothing", and what it is, is basically a tshirt of the month sort of thing. You sign up, for a single month, or 3, 6 or 12 month "membership". What do you get for signing yourself, or a loved one up? You, or they will get one t-shirt a month, and the best part, the shirts come from brew pubs and craft breweries from across the country! Seriously, how cool is that? Like Cousin Eddy from "Christmas Vacation" would say....."its the gift that keeps on giving the whole year through Clark". It sure is!

If only Clark got a membership to "Craft Brewed Clothing"!
 The reason I wanted to write something up about this wonderful company, is, not only is the concept of this company pretty cool, for people that love beer, or cool t-shirts, or both, but also, I had the opportunity to talk with Josh and a few other fine folks at their booth, and they are just super cool, friendly people, and I wanted to do what I could for them to help them out.

Josh (far right) and the fine folks from Crafted Brewed Clothing
  So please, if you know someone that loves good beer, or fun t-shirts, or both, by all means, check out Joshua, and the fine folks at "Craft Crewed Clothing", and give the beer lover in your life "the gift that keeps on giving".

Check out their website here....
Or like them on Facebook

Single month, $19.95
3 month membership $59.85
6 month membership $109.70
12 month membership $219.40

(additional charge of $2.50 will be added for sizes XXL or 3XL)

So please, check them out, the beer lover in your life will thank you!

Until next time
Bottoms Up my Friends!
The Beer Czar

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  1. The pleasure was all ours. Thanks for supporting craft brewing and Craft Brewed Clothing. We had a great time at the Phoenix Brewers' Invitational and can't wait to be back next year. We are excited for further posts from the Beer Czar. Hopefully we shall see you soon at another awesome beer event. Cheers!

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