Apr 25, 2014

SLIF Vol. XVI.....

Its Friday again folks! That means its time for another edition of SLIF! A fairly short one, but its one none the less, so, crack open a beer, sit back, relax and enjoy the weekend!

I was so excited to get my glass of KBS,
I almost drank it all before I got a picture!
Founders hits Arizona!

This past Thursday, the 24th, Arizona was lucky enough to welcome yet another highly regarded brewery to the valley, Founders Brewing Company from Grand Rapids Michigan. Founders holds a few spots in top 25 of  Beer Advocates best 250 beers in the world (their Kentucky Breakfast Stout, KBS is currently rated #5, with a score of 100 out of 100!). They bring a SOLID line up for beers to our state. A couple of stand outs in their line up (aside from the ever popular, afromentioned KBS), their Centennial IPA is just outstanding, Their Porter, and Imperial Porter are a couple of the best porters I've ever had as well. Hopefully we will see such seasonal offerings as Devil Dancer as well. On a personal side note, Founders also happened to be the favorite hang out of the Late, Great Roving Beer Czar Correspondent Uncle Gary. So, if you see them on the shelf, grab some, and check um out!

Enjoy your beer, naked??
Something that has been going around the beer pages recently, is a "special" beer festival in Penn. What makes this beer festival so different then all the rest? You are required to attend it, buck ass naked! That's right, its at a nudist colony! I did a little follow up on it, its at the Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, PA. Your $18 ticket gets you UNLIMITED samples (I would need that many). Oh, and for those worried about this being a complete sausage fest, quite literally, tickets are only sold to couples, men attending must be accompanied by a female, so, its not just a bunch of horny naked drunk dudes hoping to see some female skin! So, all you need to pack is your sun screen! If you go (here is the site for all the info....) we would love a complete report!!! (check out a complete article about the festival here....)

If you haven't liked or checked out Drinkinaz yet, please do so! Click on the "badge" to the right of the screen to check out the blog, or find them on Youtube. Check it out for all the latest news, and information about the Arizona craft beer and spirits scene. I am lucky enough to have been invited back, to sit in, and act as "co-host" again for a couple more episodes. We got to chat with Dylan of  Cartel Coffee Lab and Brewery, as well as Cory and Bryne (sp?) of  Southern Nevada Brewing Company, a name I think you might be hearing more from in the very near future!

Also, don't forget, mark your calendar's and plan on attending Phoenix Comicon this June, where you can see yours truly, take place in a panel discussion with the fine folks at Masterpiece Theatre. I will have a lot more details to come as they become available. You can get what info I have here......

So, there it is, all the news that's fit to report, and some that isn't.....

As always my friends, have a great weekend, enjoy some great beer, with some great company, but as always, be smart, and be safe.

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

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