Apr 11, 2014


Can you believe it, its Friday already! And you know what that means, its time for another installment of SLIF. Exciting stuff here, so lets just get to it, shall we.......so here we go!

Arizona Wilderness boys, in Esquire Magazine?
Well, the props and coverage just keep coming for our friends over at Arizona Wilderness Brewery. Check it out, as they sit down with Jon and talk about where they've been, and how they got there. Also, some great pic's of the guys, and their beer, check it out here.....

The Beer Czar at.......Comicon?
Yeah, you read that correctly! I will be appearing at Comicon, along with my good friends at Maskerpiece Theatre! I will be taking part in a panel discussion on the first night of Comicon. Come check it out, it should be a ton of fun, and a great place to do some people watching! Check out the info here...

Drinkinaz Beer Podcast

There is a new podcast in Arizona for beer lovers. Its called Drinkinaz. George Lindbloom hosts the podcast, so listen in as he takes you through interviews, news, fun specials features and more. I was lucky enough to be invited to sit in and join George and his crew as we chatted about the craft beer buddle, and talked with the guys from Grand Canyon Brewing. We also got to chat with Brett Haertl, the rep. for one of the newest brewerys available here in Arizona, Hanger 24! Check out Drinkinaz's site here, to check out previous episodes, as well as other helpful information. I will be posting links to the episode I appeared on as soon as they are up!! Check them out!

Portable Kegs?
I normally like to feature a cool new product on SLIF. This week, I was made aware of this little gem. A friend informed me he has just ordered one, and should be arriving today! So, I haven't been able to review it yet, but the idea looks intriguing to say the least. Anyone tried one of these "tap it caps"? It basically turns your growler into a little mini keg of sorts. The idea seems like a no brainer. Check the site out here (they have other products as well). If you have use one of these in the past, please, let me know what you thought/think of it. I might just be ordering one soon.....product runs $45.

Speaking of Podcasts.....
Masked Blogster with The Beer Czar

I appeared on the latest installment of Maskerpiece Theatre this week. The episode just posted this morning, check it out here. Masked Blogster and I talk about the beer of the week, La Fin de Monde, other great summer beers; weird things we've seen in public bathrooms; Captain America, Winter Soldier, and Agents of Shield; and we discuss ideas just as brewing a beer live on air, and making a beer trip to New Mexico (and was able to slip in a shout out to my friends at Craft Brewed Clothing!)

So, there you have it folks, this weeks SLIF! So, grab your favorite beers, settle in, and get your weekend going right!

As always, have fun, but remember to be smart, and safe, be responsible.

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends!

The Beer Czar

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