Sep 17, 2013

Guest Contributor - "Ghost Stories" with Becky....

We have another guest contributor this morning! This time, it is a none beer related post, but still extremely interesting none the less (to me at least, and I hope to you too), which is why I asked my good friend Becky, a friend from my college days in NH, to write up a quick piece to post on the blog. Becky is part of a paranormal investigation team in Massachusetts.
Again, this is none beer related, but doesn't mean you can't enjoy a beer while reading it. So, I recommend, either sit by a fire, or imagine yourself sitting around a glowing campfire, enjoying a few beers, and trading scary stories, seems like a logical combination to me! So, without further ado, here is what Becky has to say..

"Ghost Stories" with Becky....

Ahhhhh Fall, my favorite time of the year. I invite you to grab a Sam Adam's Octoberfest with me or your favorite Fall beer and enjoy this spooky time of year with tales from a Ghost Hunter.
I bet you're wondering what Beer and ghost hunting have in common? Why is there a “blog” about the paranormal on a blog devoted to beer?
The answer is simple... Nothing! Just like beer has no connection really with a hard day at work, sporting events or other social gatherings. It is simply used to help the body relax and unwind, or for some people, provide that false courage used to face the unknown.

So, as I've alluded to, I am a paranormal investigator from Massachusetts. I do not use beer to help with courage but I have used it to help unwind after a particularly eventful night. My goal as an investigator is to rule out all the “known” possibilities so that I am left with the unexplainable. One needs a clear head to do that. If there is evidence I am left questioning, I toss it out. I have had several of these “unexplainable” experiences I'd like to share with you.

I am currently with a team whose home base is on board a Navy cruiser just outside of Boston proper. Though it had never been in combat it has seen its share of suffering through its commission as a hospital ship. Now, for those of you who watch the paranormal shows, they neatly tie everything into an hour or less “highlight” reel. When we do investigations they span over a good 6+ hours. Most of our time is spent talking to air in the dark hoping for that 60 seconds of possible contact. This doesn't include the time it takes to go over the evidence which can be 3 times or longer than the actual investigation.

Last weekend I was aboard the ship with 4 other team members and 2 guests. We were down near the anchor windlass room doing an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) session. As we were introducing ourselves and asking if anyone was around we heard giggles and voices that sounded like young children answering questions with yes or no. All 6 of us heard these voices with our own ears. Thinking there had to be other people outside, (the hatch was open and a commuter boat docks next to the ship) so we went to look. The commuter boat was no where to be seen and there wasn't anyone else around. Who were we talking to? We did a quick review of our voice recorder and heard a very loud and clear EVP of a man saying “NO” We are still going over the evidence so who knows what else we may hear...
Later that same evening, one team member saw a man standing on the flag bridge in Navy dress whites. When we went to find out who he was, he vanished. There were no men in uniform on board and we never did find him. Who was he and what was he doing?

Another area of the ship was used as a “burn unit” for people who were severely burned and the best care they could provide was basically pain management. The bunks are stacked 3 high with just enough room for care givers to walk between them. So, you can imagine the lack of room and privacy for these poor people. Many others on the team have seen an apparition of a man who was burnt upon most of his body. A strong smell of sulfur and burning flesh is usually present when this individual appears. We were informed that he had been seen just last week laying on the third bunk. Upon entering, there was an incredible heaviness to the air no real scent. I introduced myself and the team, and acknowledged how the victims must have suffered. I asked how they were doing, and in a pain filled, male voice I heard the sarcastic reply “how do you think we are doing?” My heart going out to them, I asked what they were getting for the pain. His response “morphine”. That was it. Could it have been my emotions for what I was feeling for the injured? My knowledge is that morphine was used during that time? Yup, I won't deny it but the voice, the voice was not mine.... You can decide.

One thing I love about the paranormal is that there are no “experts” Each experience is as unique as the situation and people you may be contacting. Stay tuned for other experiences I have had throughout the month of October. Until our next encounter...
Bottoms Up!

My thanks to Becky! What I love about the paranormal is that, weather you believe it or not, it is fascinating. You can't "disprove" anything, and its hard to prove anything as well. You can just take what evidence is collected, and draw your own conclusions, and have faith that what you believe is correct. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope to hear more from Becky soon, especially as Halloween approaches!
(note- none of the photos are from Becky, or her team, they simply stock photos from the internet)

If you are interested, and want to learn more about Becky, or her team, drop me a line at and I will get you whatever information I can.

Thanks again Beck, well done!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

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