Sep 25, 2013

Touching new Guinness Ad

One of the reasons I love beer, is for its social properties. I say it a lot, but beer brings people together. Its one of those things that can help us loosen up, give us something in common to talk about, and can connect folks that normally wouldn't connect the opportunity to do so.
Beer, while given all the social stigma's and negative perceptions, still can bring out the best in us, I feel. How many times has someone asked you to help them move, and before you can answer, they follow up the request with "I'll buy the beer!". You know you would help that friend move regardless, but the beer gives us that "excuse" to make it seem like we are going to do something extraordinary in order to get our hands on a few free beers.

Well, I recently came across a new Guinness ad that embraces this aspect of beer, and even takes it a step further. Take a look.....

Now, in the end, is this ad more about beer, or is it more about the good that is in people? I would argue its not about beer at all. Its about the human spirit, men supporting a "brother" and the willingness to be there for someone in need. The beer, is sort of the "excuse", the "if you play ball with me, I'll buy you a round" sort of thing, same as the moving analogy I used above. Macho guys sometimes need an excuse to be supportive of one another Of coarse. they would lend support, and be happy doing it regardless, but always look for a reason to sort of save face. In this case, its an "ok, I'll do it for the beer" excuse. They would play ball anyway, and probably had a great time doing it, but in the end, its the beer bringing them together, giving them that "moment"..

So, regardless of how you feel about Guinness, love it or hate, this ad is awesome, and shows the best in us, the beer just gives them the reason. This ad is right up there with Budweiser's 9-11 tribute commercial that only aired once (check it out here) . What is the most touching beer ad you've seen?

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

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