Jan 30, 2013

The next big beer pairing???

Mmmm, beer and BBQ
As we are all keenly aware, beer goes SO well with so many foods. Of coarse there is always beer and pizza, or beer and wings, beer and cheese, beer and BBQ, blah blah blah. Seems mostly "manly" foods, you know, stuff you eat with your hands, cook on the grill etc, seem to go hand in hand with beer, which makes sense. Well, there may be one more beer pairing coming our way. Are you ready for.......beer and Twinkies?

Twinkie is no more......

As we all know, sadly, Twinkies are no more. A few months ago, Hostess filed for bankruptcy, and ceased making the spongy yellow goodness. Since then, they have been shopping around for a buyer, in hopes to keep the cream filled yellow fat missiles in the happy, spongy bellies of Americans that just don't need any more crap to eat, but just can't seem to get enough of it.
The next big beer pairing?
Well, two players have come out on top as potential buyers. One, is Apollo Global Management, the people behind Norwegian Cruise Lines, AMC, Censers, Century 21, and even American Idol. Nothing exciting enough to note on this blog about them.

However, the other, is C. Dean Metropoulos & Co, the folks that brought you such icon's as Chef Boyardee canned pasta, Bumble Bee seafood, PAM cooking spray and Gulden's Mustard, until they sold them all to ConAgra Foods Inc. One thing they held onto however, Pabst Blue Ribbon!!! That's right, PBR, the preferred beer of rednecks and hipsters alike, is looking to buy your beloved Twinkies.

So, maybe at your next back yard BBQ, you can partake in an all American classic food pairing, PBR, chased with a sweet, yellow kitchen sponge filled with sweet, white, tasty chemicals.....

Man, this sounds like a marriage made in redneck heaven to me! Imagine, the Twinkies wedding cake, set ever so gently, on the dirty old folding table, betwixt two kegs of PBR. Who couldn't live happily ever after with a start like that???

Until next time my friends
Bottoms up
The Beer Czar

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