Jan 11, 2013

20 Most Influential Beers of All Time...

The "original" American Craft Beer
As I started my day this morning, as I normally do, I logged onto Facebook to scroll through the hundreds of posts regarding various "friends" bitching about headaches, stuffy noses, too much homework, bratty kids or shitty service they received at Starbucks this morning, in my attempt to find 4 or 5 "statues updates" worth reading or looking at further. After much scrolling, I finally found one! Allagash Brewing posted this link titled "20 Most Influential Beers of All Time" and, well being a sucker for lists, I had to check it out. From a website I am unfamiliar with, firstwefeast.com got a sort of "virtual panel" of beer experts together, to get a wide range of beers, and styles that played their part in the explosion of craft beer here in the states, as well as around the world. I am glad to say, I have tried most of these beers. A few are no longer available, but of the ones that are, I've tried about 70% of them, not too bad, but I have a little work to do. So, check out the list, and let me know your feedback.

Did they miss anything? Let me know if there is something you have had that you think belongs on this list.

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The Beer Czar

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