Oct 1, 2012

Win Your Wife's Weight in Beer!

I've stated before on here more then a few things, that I am very fond of the state of Maine. I grew up in that state, and still consider it "home" even though I have now lived in Arizona for almost 20 years. So, when I see a story that involved both Maine, AND beer, well then, I take notice.

I thought this little story about the North American Wife Carrying Championships, held annually in Newry Maine was worth a look (not to far north of where I grew up actually). And yes, its exactly what is sounds like it is..

Check out the article below....

Kind of a catch 22. I mean, if you have a wife that doesn't weigh a lot, you have a better chance of winning, but then, you won't win as much beer. Have to strike that balance I guess. Anyway, not really a beer story, but a funny one, and its from Maine, so I thought I would share. Here is a little taste of what it looks like..

Until then...
Bottoms up my friends
The Beer Czar

If you want more info on this event, click here...

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