Oct 2, 2012

San Tan Seasonal coming in Cans this Fall!!!!

So, great news for beer fans in Arizona! Chandlers San Tan Brewery, the fastest growing brewery in Arizona, is releasing its Rail Slide Imperial Spiced Ale in cans this fall!!! San Tan has been a leader in the craft can movement, and this is just one more step to put San Tan even further in front of the pack!

This will be the first season canning of one of their beers. Until now, San Tans staple beers were all you could get in cans, limiting the seasonal stuff to the pub, or limited locations throughout the valley. Which, for me personally, is great news, since their four core beers are pretty good, their seasonal offerings, at least the ones i have had, have been outstanding! Their Winter Warmer, Mr Pineapple, and Sex Panther are all great beers! I haven't had their Imperial Spiced Ale yet, but I will be on the look out this one for sure.

Set for a November 1st release, in both keg and cans. The Imperial Spiced Ale clocks in at a modest 8.1% abv, with 35 IBU's.

You can read more about it here

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