Oct 17, 2012

More beer related baseball news.....

I saw this little piece and had to share it! Seems Hillsboro OR has a new baseball team! The team fformally known as the Yakima Bears is moving to Hillsboro and have themselves a new name! The Hillsboro Hops! Yes, hops as in beer hops. Seems Oregon is the countries second largest hop growing state, just behind its slightly larger neighbor to the north. Oregon also has a thriving beer culture as well. Last I heard, Portland still had the most brewery per capita of any city in the country, and the rest of the state boasts some of the countries most critically acclaims brewers as well. One of them being one of my favorites, Deshutes (out of Bend). In another bit I find interesting, the team is actually the single A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks (my third favorite baseball team, behind the Red Sox, and whatever team is playing the Yankees).
I love their logo, don't be surprised if you see The Beer Czar sporting a Hillsboro Hops hat in the very near future!!!!

You can read from a local publication here....
You can see the teams website here...

Until next time, bottoms up my friends!
The Beer Czar

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