Jun 26, 2014

Beer is flowing at The Perch

Brewmaster Andrew Baumen pouring THE FIRST Perch beer
earlier this week at their tapping party!
(taken from the Perch's FB page)
Earlier this week, I had the absolute pleasure of attending the tapping party at The Perch, in downtown Chandler. Now, the Perch opened back in Feb, but was met with a number of set backs that prevented them from brewing beer until just a few weeks ago. Since then, Brewmaster Andrew Baumen has been brewing up a number of batches. This allowed them to have a full 5 tap handles ready to go, so that this past Tues, at 5pm, the opened the taps to the public!

Like I said, they had 5 beers of their own on tap. I got to at least taste all 5 of them while there, and I must say, they were very good, a few I would even say were excellent!

The beers they had on tap were..

1.) GLCA (Grilled Lemon Cream Ale) This was my absolute favorite beer I had this evening. Just an excellent summer beer, that pairs well on the rooftop patio at sunset!

2.) Calibration Mild - the first beer brewed at the Perch. As its name implies, this is, a VERY mild, drinkable beer, with what I would call and "interesting" flavor. Another nice summer brew.

3.) Ginger Mofo - a blonde ale just PACKED with Ginger! If you like ginger, you will love this beer. Just a suggestion, if you don't like ginger, probably should stay away from this one. (I like ginger, this was an enjoyable beer to me)

4.) Cinnamon Honey Nut Porter - My second fravoite brew I had. I love porters to start with, and this is a sweeter, fairly light porter that like the GLCA, goes well in the warmth of the rooftop!

5.) Rooftop Rosemary IPA - OK, full discloser, I am not a big fan of rosemary. This is a well made, flavorful brew, and is strong on the rosemary. If you are a fan of rosemary, this is an IPA you MUST try!!! My wife loved this beer!

So, if you weren't there this week, do yourself a favor, and stop by The Perch. I must admit, I was worried about it being too hot to sit on the rooftop patio, but man, with the shade, fans and misters they have up there, it was quite pleasant, despite the fact it was about 104 degrees when we got there. So, don't let the heat stop you! Go grab a beer, and enjoy the sunset on the rooftop, I guarantee you will have a good time! Here is a look at just some of the sights that were had this week at the Perch tapping party!
My Ginger Mofo....on the roof!
The tap handles....

I think we all know who these guys are!
Jon, you got something in your teeth...

Enjoying the rooftop bar!

Mmmm, yummy!

For a look at all my photos from the evening, check out the photo album on our Facebook page here...(like us while you are there if you haven't already)

The Perch is located at 232 S Wall St, at the southern end of Downtown Chandler (right behind Planet Subs).
Check out their website here....
Or like them on Facebook here....

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

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