Feb 27, 2014

Share your St Patrick's Day Photo's!!!!

There are few holidays more synonymous with beer then St. Patrick's Day, so we figured, what a great time to do yet another "Friends and Fan's Photo's" So, if you find yourself attending a St. Paddy's Day party, or out to eat at a fine Irish dining establishment enjoying some Guinness, take a quick pic or two, and share it with us, we would love to show it off!

So, if you have a pic, or plan on taking one, once you have it, you can send it to us via email at thebeerczar@gmail.com, or tweet us @thebeerczar. Or tag us on Facebook, or post it to our fan page here.

So, get those camera's ready, grad a pint of Guinness, and smile!

Until next time


The Beer Czar

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