Aug 2, 2012

Beer Label Art

I came across this site the other day, and I thought it was worth sharing.

One of my favorite labels, a decent beer, with one of my favorite artists, Winslow Homer!
One of my favorite aspects of the beer culture is "label art". Its as unique and varied as the beer itself, and you can normally pick out which brewer brewed the beer just by looking at the design on the label. There are just a ton of great beer labels out there, and this site brings them all together in one convenient site. Search by state, or brewer name. You can spend a lot of time here. It even has breweries that have since left us. Check it out!               

                                                                 (click the link below)

This got me thinking. What are some of your favorite labels?

Do you prefer the cartoon, Roy Lichtenstien-esque labels (Ska Brewing, or Coney Island Lagers for example) 

The more serious, elegant ones (I really like Allagash, limited release labels),

Simple, but elegant

or the ones that seem to cross all the lines (Flying Dog has some GREAT label art, done by artist Ralph Steadman)

Label art by Ralph Steadmen

Let me know which ones you like. What are your favorites, the funniest, prettiest. Also, have you ever bought a beer simply because of the label? I will confess to doing this, just once. The beer was New Belgians "Blue Paddle Pilsner". Not a bad beer, but I just loved the label!
I can't wait to hear from you!
Bottoms up my friends!
The Beer Czar


  1. Ok, I'll admit, I posted Flying Dog before reading your article. So glad you had it on here! I have always loved their beer and totally dig their art.

  2. Malia, IMO, you can't have a discussion about beer label art without Flying Dog coming up...