Mar 10, 2014

A Beer Sports Drink??

OK, so Canada has given us some great stuff, hockey, Rush, Gordon Lightfoot,  The Mackenzie Brothers, Michael J Fox, my friend Bobby, I could go on. They have also given us some great beers(La Fin de Monde comes to mind).
They have also given us some not so great things....Justin Bieber, Carly Ray Jepson, Keanu Reeves, Nickleback, Molson get the point..

I am not sure which list this next product will fall under. Maybe some of my Canadian readers can help me out with.
A company in British Columbia called Vampt, has created a sort of beer flavored sports drink, aimed at helping you "recover" after a hard work out. Replacing valuable nutrients and other "fuel" lost in your work out.

Founder of Vampt, Ian Toews says this about his protein packed beverage....

""All beer contains proteins and nutrients that help the body recover, but a lot of that is taken out in the brewing process..... We're adding the important elements back in."

Along with more protein (7 grams per 12 oz. can, and only 77 calories) those important elements  added back to this drink include glutamine, Vitamin C, Zinc and sodium and potassium.

Sold in sexy, slender 12 oz. cans, this bad boy clocks in at the feather weight of 3.2% abv (not bad however, considering the manly Miller 64 is only 2.8%, but a little less then the popular Mich. Ultra, a comparative hefty 4.2% abv).

They plan on marketing this drink to both hard core fitness freaks (which I totally get, and think will probably work ell if done right) as well as hard core weekend warrior beer drinkers, which, to me, seems like it is missing the mark a bit. Miller tried marketing Miller 64 to this crowd, its not going well for them. Although, I am still shocked by how many people drink Ultra in a misguided attempt at catching a buzz, so who knows, this may just work. The marketing, if done well, could be great as well.

The really good news? They hope to have this gem on shelves by early 2015!!

I know this will be slammed by hard core beer geeks, snobs and fans, but really, this isn't meant for
them, and the would be wise not to even attempt to market to them. This is just looking to cash in on a segment of a market that does not include "real" beer drinkers. It would be like car guys making fun of a new bike that came out meant for little girls......

The one slam I think they will get from the beer community, that they deserve, and honestly, kind of bugs the shit out of me, the drink is listed as a "Lager Ale", um, which one is it folks???

If any of you have had it, let me know what you think, I would love to get my hands on it, and give it a test drive.

Or you could just do this.....
You can read more in a news bit here (this is how I heard of this....)

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends

The Beer Czar

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