Jan 27, 2014

Friends and Fan's Photo's! Winter Beer!!

The guys from Arizona Wilderness. Photos taken on the same day, one in Ohio, one in Arizona. I'll take Arizona winter!

Well, I put out the call for photos, and you all answered in a big way! We got a lot of great pictures this go round, and I can't thank you all enough! Without further ado, grab a beer, light a fire, and try and stay warm as you take a look out how folks around the country try and fight cabin fever, while longing for warmer summer temperatures!
Here are your Winter Beer photos!

All I know about this one is, it was sent to me from a reader/Facebook fan from Minnesota. Great way to keep the beer cold!

The fine and talented folks at New Holland Brewing Co. in Holland, MI. Not letting a "little" snow keep them from enjoying their awesome patio (and even more amazing beer!)!

My good friend Jen Pruitt, ringing in 2014 whilst enjoying a beer with a friend at World of Beer in Gilbert! (Jen is on the left)


Another anonymous one sent to me from "somewhere in Eastern PA". All I know is this is a "winter stout" on their back patio. Cool picture though!

These three photos are from blacksmith and beer drinker in Mississippi, J.R. Clark. J.R. makes these bottle openers at his forge, where these pictures were taken. I asked if he had a link to order some of these, but he is currently unable to keep up with his current demand, but if he ever "goes public" with his openers, I will be sure to write about them, they are awesome, and I must say, extremely photogenic! Thanks J.R., great work!

These photos are sent to me from reader and Facebook fan Roger, from Conn. Enjoying some of his favorite brews, and keeping warm around the fire, or off roading in N Maine, in the Allagash Wilderness! I must say, I love the "yeti" photo too!
This is Amy, a beer lover, and first time brewer, enjoying her first brew day (first of many we hope!), all while "suffering" the harsh winter weather in Florida! Great shirt too Amy! Thank you! Enjoy the brew!
This is one of my older brother Don (elder Czar) and his friend, neighbor and drinking buddy Gary. Don is the one holding the beer, Oh wait, no, Don is the drunk looking one.....well, um, he's the one in the ugly apron......um, well, ok sorry, he is the shorter one.
Here is the lovely and ever faithful "Friend and Fans" contributor Kayla, with her equally lovely mother (and former softball teammate of mine) Lisa. Looking good ladies!
Anyone that reads this blog will know who is in this photo! Here is another great friend of The Beer Czar Blog.  That is my good friend from college and Beer Czar Contributor Becky. Seen here book-ended by fellow Franklin Peirce classmates Nicole on the left, and Erin (my former boss!) on the right! Enjoying a girls weekend on the Cape. Thanks for taking the time to pose for a pic ladies!
Got this from a reader in the "Midwest" of his girlfriend. He said he made her step outside to pose for this pic. It was -1 out. She looks like she is holding up well!! Hope her beer didn't freeze!
Here is reader Larry, enjoying from great winter weather in front of Squatters in Utah! Looks a little chilly, but that is some great beer though! Worth the weather I am sure!
Got this from reader Mike. This was the photo he used for his Christmas Card, so I think that qualifies it as a winter beer pic! Plus, there is a Merry Maker in the photo, a pretty decent Gingerbread Stout from Sam Adams!
Closest one I got to the popular "beer and boobs" post we always get for "friends and Fans". I guess its just a little too cold to show to much skin amidst this polar vortex, so this will have to do till spring.
I stole this from Tosh.0. How many beers deep was the snow where you were???
Again, I want to thank everyone that sent in photos, or let me use ones I saw that fit the bill! One of the best collections of "friends and fans photos" I think we've gotten. Great photos, of some great beers, and good times, as is should be!
So stay warm my friend
Until next time
Bottoms up!
The Beer Czar

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