Jan 29, 2014

Beer, delievered by drone!

Since it seems that most of the country is up to their chins in the snow, or ice, or at least freezing cold temps, why not report on a little piece about ice fishing, and beer!

Inspired by the 60 Minutes story about Amazon delivering goods via drone, Lakemaid Beer is delivering their frosty suds via a drone! It is just awesome, and makes me "almost" miss ice fishing back home in Maine.....check out the video here....

 I don't really recall too many hot blondes hanging out in our fishing parties, but hey, maybe things are different in Maine....
You can read the whole story here.....its really very cool, fun, and timely this time of year....
So drone, bring me a beer!
Until next time
Bottoms up my friends!
The Beer Czar

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