Nov 27, 2012

Women and Beer......two of my favorite things!

Recently, women and beer are two topics that I've been thinking a lot about lately. (well, honestly, I think a lot about them most of the time). One reason for this, according to my blog analytics program, I was surprised to learn that woman make up a majority of my readers of this blog, almost two to one (I wonder if this means I should rethink my idea for a "boobs and beer" photo post?? I hope not, send me your photos.......sorry, am I getting off topic?!)

Two, I've been asked a few times recently "what is a good beer for woman?" I am normally asked this because someone is looking, or trying to get their wife/girlfriend into beer, and need a "gateway" beer.

This question kind of annoys me for a few reasons. One, why do people seem to assume that there is one beer that appeals to all woman? I've never been asked "what kind of beer to men like?" I mean, do we assume woman all like the same flavor of ice cream, or all agree on the best seafood? Why is beer any different? I mean, finding two woman to agree on anything can be hard enough at times, trying to find something their entire gender can agree, well, that just doesn't seem possible.

This is normally how I approach this conundrum. First off, I ask "well, what kind of beers does she like now, if any?" If I get the the "oh, she hates beer" then I tell them to try red wine. However, I normally get the "she doesnt' like anything too heavy or dark". OK, this helps. Finding a beer you or your significant other might like is fairly easy, and its the same weather you pee sitting down, or standing up. You just need to find a "gateway" beer.

A gateway beer is sort of a "bridge" between shitty yellow, adjunct beer of the big brewers, and the hardy, flavorful, hand crafted beer of the micro brewers. For me, my gateway beers were Fat Tire, New Castle, and a little later, Moose Drool. In college, I use to drink, what I thought at the time was "fancy" beer. Either Heineken, or Lowenbrau. Then, at my graduation party, my dear dear friend, Tanya, not only came all the way from Colorado to watch me graduate, but she was kind enough to also bring a few bombers of this new beer that was all the rage in Colorado at the time, Fat Tire, and Sunshine Wheat (this was 1995, Fat Tire was not the ubiquitous beer that it is now). I remember kind of liking the Sunshine Wheat, but I LOVED the Fat Tire. Until then, I hadn't realized that beer could actually be flavorful, and have body, and character to it.

Now, these days, I drink a Fat Tire, and it seems a little boring, not all that flavorful, and maybe even a tad lack luster. I still however, enjoy it. After all, I have Fat Tire (and Tanya) to thank for my love of beer today! I still have a soft spot for both of them to this day.

So, if you want to start off "light" or something that isn't too powerful. Find a smoother, easy drinking beer. What started my wife (and many others) down the path to craft beer was Belgian Style White Ales or Witbiers, like Ommegangs Hennipin, Allagash White, or if you want ones that are easier to find, Blue Moon, or Hoegaarden.

I also think brown ales are a good launching point. Beers like New Castle, or Sam Smiths are easy to find, good examples of English Browns, or you can search out the smaller craft offerings of the American version, such as Sierra Nevada's Tumbler, Brooklyn Brewing makes a spectacular Brooklyn Brown, Dogfish Heads India Brown Ale, or the aforementioned Moose Drool are all easy drinking, very tasty brown ales.

Once you build up for "tolerance" for these slightly stronger beers (tolerance as in taste, not alcohol tolerance) you can move on to stronger beers, and then onto stronger styles of beers. Like stouts, and barelywines. Take it slow, there is no need to rush. Sometimes the best thing to do is pick the brain of someone you may know, that is into beer, and ask them questions, and take recommendations from them. I know most beer people, myself included, LOVE sharing ideas and beer knowledge to willing listeners. Its part of the fun of beer if you ask me.

Women and beer just go well together!
So, head to your nearest bottle shop, and spend some time looking at what is offered, and don't be afraid to ask questions. Like I said, real beer people love to show off what they know about beer, and love to encourage others to branch out, and find that "gateway" beer that will start them down the path. So, regardless of weather you are a man, or a woman, finding a beer should be the same. Start small, and don't be in a hurry to take the training wheels off, beer isn't going anywhere, no need to rush. And again, don't beer afraid to reach out to me, or anyone else you may know that can help you pick what beer will work best for you, or your wife/girlfriend. In the mean time, I need to decide if I am going to do that "beer and boobs" photo post???

Until next time my friends,
Bottoms up!
The Beer Czar

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