Nov 21, 2012

Westvleteren XII is coming to America!

Great news for beer fans in America! What some say is the best beer in the world, or at least by all accounts, one of the best, Westvleteren XII is coming to America!
This legendary brew, is normally only available at the Abby at which it is brewed in Vleteren, Belgium. You would have to make a reservation, and drive to the Abby, and purchase your beer, 1 case at a time. This beer can be found on eBay or other sites for a fairly hefty sum (last I looked, well over $100 a six back, or $60 for 2 12 oz bottles). That is, until now! Well, until 12.12.12 that is!

Total Wine will be making a gift pack of Westvleteren XII, there most popular, and highest rank beer, available to the lucky folks in Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, California and Nevada!!! Seems the Abby is much need repair, and they are a little short on funds, so in order to raise the need cash, they are making their beer available in the aforementioned states, at Total Wine. For just $84.99, you will get 6 12 oz bottles of Westvelteren XII, and two 2 glasses!!

OK, I might go camp out in front of Total Wine that night, to ensure I get myself a pack of this!

Until next time my friends,
Bottoms Up!
The Beer Czar

Visit the Abby's website here...

Westvelteren XII
Style- Belgian Quadrupel
ABV - 10.2%

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