Nov 9, 2012

Five Great Craft Beer Ads

I was on Facebook this morning, when I saw this article from on KegWorks about a new and to promote craft beer from the Craft Brew Alliance. Here is a look at their new print ad...

That got me looking around at other attempts to advertise and promote craft beer, when I came across this hilarious series of ad's from Breckenridge Brewing (I'm a huge fan of their Vanilla Porter) that pokes fun at "Big Beer" advertising. Check them out....

"If you touch it and its cold...."
This one is quite funny!

"Gravity Activated Pouring"
What? No vortex bottle???

"Sevendruple hops brewed"
Do people really think "triple hops" is impressive.....really?

"Find Your Couch"

"The Least Interesting Man in the World"

Now, I will admit, I find the Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man" ad's to be a riot, my favorite is the "Bigfoot, once took a photo of him..." Since, anyone that knows me, knows I find Bigfoot and other "Cryptids" to be fascinating.
Also, I think it was Miller that did a radio campaign about unsung hero's, that were pretty funny, but for the most part, big beer advertising is pretty much either sexy girls with big boobs, or complete bull shit. I don't mind big boobs (quite the opposite in fact) but bull shit drives me nuts, which is why I love this series from the fine folks at Breckenridge.

Hope you had a good laugh, and if you have, or find a really funny beer ad, that you love, email it to me, I would love to check it out...

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Bottoms Up My Friends!
The Beer Czar

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