Jul 19, 2012

Welcome to LA Steve Nash!

I am not a basketball fan, at all. My daughter Jordan, is fast becoming a huge one (she is a Miami Heat fan however, don't ask!). I do however follow the Celtics and the Suns to some extent, and want to see both teams doing well. On that note, our beloved Phoenix Suns recently traded one of the most beloved Suns ever to put on a purple and orange Jersey, Mr Steve Nash, to the much hated rivals in LA, the Lakers. Obviously, and for very good reason, LA fans are excited about this. Recently while driving down the freeway, some fans got to express that gratitude by giving Mr Nash a beer, without stopping! Pretty funny video, check it out below....

A few of my thoughts on this video;

1.) I was actually surprised to realize that Keystone is still around, and even more shocked to find out someone is still actually buying it (and seemingly enjoying it, maybe a little too much)

2.) Welcoming someone to your city by giving them a Keystone (light no less)? Isn't that like welcoming someone into your home by kicking them in the nuts? I think I would rather get kicked in the nuts actually.

Regardless, its a fun video, and pretty cool, and I wanted to share it with you!

Bottoms Up my Friends
The Beer Czar

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