Sep 30, 2015

Where have I been you ask????

I've had a few folks contact me, concerned something was wrong with me, or that I was no longer doing the blog. I assure you, I am just fine, and that is not the case at all. I have, however, slowed down considerably as of late, obviously. Why you ask? Ok, I'll fill you in.

Sadly, and to many peoples shock, this is not my "job". In fact, I really don't make any money at all doing this. I do this because I just like doing it, its fun, I get to go to  places, see things, and meet people I normally would never have had the chance otherwise. That means I must do all these things in my free time. Since I also have a family, and a "real" job, my free time is not always as conducive to writing as much I would like. I have 3 lovely daughters and a wife that come first in my list of how I prioritize my time. While I am normally able to find time to get out, and write, lately, things around here lately have been very busy. My wife has been studying to take her series 7 General Securities exam. Anyone that has taken this test, or knows anyone that has, knows this requires a huge commitment of time to study and prepare. She is scheduled to take this exam in just a few weeks, so hopefully, after that, things will return to "normal".

Until then, I am happily spending my time, taking care of the girls so my wife can study. Just know, this is a very good thing, and will most likely allow me more time in the near future to spend writing, tasting and further "researching" the awesome beer scene here in Arizona.

In the mean time, I have a favor. If you find yourself having an amazing, odd, fun or otherwise notable beer experience, be it here in Arizona, or elsewhere, and want to share your story, by all means, let me know, I would love to post it, and share it with everyone. Reach out to me, send me an email at and we can discuss the details.....

Until then, you will see me from time to time, and I thank you all for your patience, and support while we get ourselves past through this, and onto much bigger and more exciting things in the VERY near future!

Until next time
Bottoms up my friends!

The Beer Czar!

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